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About OCDesignsOnline Themes & Template Store

Frannie Kline

CEO/Founder OCDesignsonline

In 2005 Frannie Kline founded OCDesignsOnline, LLC. OCDesigns is a family owned small business in Southern New Jersey developing ebay stores, ebay templates, WordPress Websites and eCommerce websites with quality as #1 and the price that fits every wallet.

How did I get to who I am today?

In 2005, I gave birth to a little boy who was six weeks premature. From the very first day he came into our world, my husband and I knew he was different. Because of his “early” visit, we had some complications.  We decided daycare wasn’t an option so I became a part-time business.

First, I began selling custom made logos on eBay,
which I designed myself.  My adventure into eCommerce Store Design and eBay Store Design really came to fruition when one of my clients who owned an eBay store asked to be “guinea pig” and challenged me to create a custom designed eBay storefront—my first ever! Thinking of the job as a trial, I began to wonder if this was indeed something I could master successfully. I knew my self-taught design skills would offer something special and with one eBay client pleased, I began designing eBay stores here and there still thinking of this job as a “part-time” opportunity so I kept my job as a bookkeeper at a local real estate office. Little did I know that eBay storefront designs would come to be one of our most requested services at OCDesigns!

By 2007, my husband and I received news taboutus banner 300x123hat would forever change our world. Our little boy Eddie was diagnosed with Autism. This did not mean many changes as a family but it did mean I would not be able to keep my full-time job that took me away from our home. I needed and wanted to stay at home with Eddie to offer him the very best attention and care and with my loving husband’s support I was able to make this possible. Still, I wanted OCDesignsOnline to succeed; failure was not an option. I was determined to utilize my creativity to grow the company with determination and drive.
I set out by hiring one designer and one programmer in order to offer eBay store design and template design services full-time. We called these offers “eBay Store Solutions” and soon we gained many requests from all sorts of eBay sellers who looked for store customization at an affordable cost. We knew as our client list began to grow it was because of our excellent customer service and design skills, and it also helped that we could offer our Store Solutions at a much lower price than our competitors.

1457 10152395798125582 1350893181 n 300x184By 2011 the business had grown to the point that it was time to start considering other options for our “staffing” needs. Eddie was in school so it allowed me more flexibility with my schedule. I brought on a full time project manager, 3 full time in house designers and 2 full time in house developers and we moved from a home office into a 1200 sq foot office in Southern NJ. This was a giant step for us but with our workload it was also necessary.

Today we have over 4,000 eBay and eCommerce sellers who we deal with.  And we have expanded the business to offer eCommerce services and marketing services.  We are now one of the largest providers of custom eBay store designs in the United States, we also became of the most respected firms offering these services.

The difference between OCDesignsOnline and the other guys is simple. We are family-owned and operated; there is not a corporation standing behind us—similar design firms like to push design work overseas—we like to keep it here in the United States.I know I have been successful for a few reasons.  First, I would not have succeeded without the opportunity my life has given me and am proud of my drive to turn a part-time business into a full-time profitable business. Second, the blessings and support both my son and husband bring to my life have helped me each and every day. And third, because I treat every single client and job as it were my first, my customers are happy and that makes me happy.

I am a family girl and understand what it means to make your business successful online, whether it’s on eBay or another eCommerce venue; our “Store Solutions” help you find your individual brand identity. OCDesignsOnline is simply the very best at what we do and we’re proud of our growth and know with technology always changing the future is even brighter!

Meet OCDesignsOnline Staff

Elsie Becker

Customer Service / Project Manager / Tech Support

Elsie is our newest team member. She has been with us for just under 3 years. She is our BigCommerce & eBay GURU. If you need help with something , she is your gal!

Jill Barella

Lead Project Manager

Jill has been with OCDesigns since 2012. She is our lead project manager. Everything that makes OCDesigns run smooth comes back to Jill!

Mas R

Lead eCommerce Developer

Mas has been with OCDesigns since 2013. He has developed over 100 eCommerce website designs for BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, 3dCart and more. He is our WordPress and Shopify EXPERT.


Senior Designer

Enci has been with OCdesigns since 2012. She is one of our senior designers at OCdesigns.

Robert A

Senior Designer

Robert has been with OCdesigns since 2012. He is one of our senior designers at OCdesigns.

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