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Make Model Year Search App

Bigcommerce or Shopify search solution for car and truck auto parts sellers.
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How can a Make Model Year search can improve my sales?

If your store has a lot of products then it maybe difficult for your customers to find the exact product they are looking for. Enhance your customers shopping experience with our very easy to use Make Model Year search app. It returns more accurate result then bigcommerce normal search , allow your user to filter by category, brand , price powered by ajax and infinite scrolling.

Our Unique Features

  • Accurate Results
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Complete Vehicle Database
  • Ajax Powered
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Responsive

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Accurate Results

The default bigcommerce search is buggy and it returns a lot of irrelevant results.

If you search for “BMW M5 2014″ it will show you all results that contains the keyword “BMW” + all results that contains the keyword “M5″ + All products that contain the keyword “2014”. So in total it will return a lot of result and most of them are not what your customer is looking for. And because of these irrelevant results you may lose a potential sale.

Our Make Model Year app does a exact match search to the inventory and display the accurate results. That means if someone search for “Aston Martin DB9 2015″ it will display only those results which are compatible with search.

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Advanced Filtering

Allow your customers to filter the search results by Category ,Brand, Price and More options

Imagine someone is searching parts for “Audi A5 2014″ and your site returned all the parts that is compatible with the car. But your customer only wants to see the “Fuel Injectors”, Our App displays the filter by category option on left sidebar which make its very easy to narrow down search results. Visitors can also filter the result by brands, price , free shipping and featured products. Its similar to the product filtering that comes with BigCommerce Enterprise plan.

Complete Vehicle Database

We covered all vehicles in our make model year search database. Also its dynamic. If you select “Dodge” in make dropdown, the model dropdown will only display the models of “Dodge”.

From Acura to Yugo, we have added all vehicles make and their models to our database. Also we frequently update our database to keep our app up to date.

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Ajax Powered & Infinite Scrolling

Our BigCommerce Model Make Year search is powered by ajax. So it loads the results in a blink. Also allow you to filter the results using our advanced filtering without even changing the page. Makes it super fast.

Make it super easy for your customers to check the results. Our app hides the pagination and automatically load the next set of products on the same page. Its a highly recommended feature that makes it very easy for your customers to browse the results.

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