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Q: What are the beginning steps of my design process?

A: The design process beginning steps are:

We will send you a deposit invoice for your project

We will send you a new project survey

You will be assigned an exclusive Designer who will carefully review your survey answers

You will receive a custom mock-up, usually within 5 to 7 business days


Q: Why do I need to submit a deposit?

A: All of our design work is 100% custom and extremely labor intensive; therefore, we ask for a 50% deposit on all design jobs.


Q: How soon will you start working on my design?

A: As soon as you have submitted your survey answers, they are received by your Designer, who will begin work immediately.


Q: Can I get the process done any faster?

A: We do offer rush delivery for an additional charge. Also, you can help move the process faster by submitting your survey answers promtply and filling out the questions completely, this makes a big difference!


Q: Do I need to fill out your survey?

A: Yes, the survey questions we ask you are VERY important to the design process! They let us know the specifics of what you want, both for the visuals and functionality of your design.


Q: What if I don’t understand a survey question?

A: Please contact us right away, we are available by phone, email, and live chat (during office hours) and we’re always happy to help!


Q: What if I don’t know my answer, or don’t have a strong opinion about a specific question?

A: Please give us a general direction to go in. For example, if you don’t have a precise color scheme in mind, a response like “I prefer warm colors” or “I like light, airy sites” is much more helpful than no response.


Q: Why can’t you just use your best judgment to make my design? After all, you’re the designers, not me.

A: Yes, this is true – and we’re very happy to share our expertise with you throughout the design process. Still, there are MANY different styles and preferences, and no hard-and-fast rules – so it’s very important to us that we create something that YOU like and are proud to own.


Q: Who will be working on my project?

A: You will receive personalized attention from at least 3 people on our staff during your project:

Your Project Manager will post your survey, read all of your messages, interact with you and the other team members, and assure that your project moves along in a timely manner. This is your go-to person for questions.

Your dedicated Web Designer is the graphic artist who will create your logo and/or website.

On final approval, your design will be passed to our Certified Programmer who will code and install your design.


Q: Who do I direct my questions to?

A: You will be interacting with all 3 members of your project team. During the design phase, you will post your feedback and revisions directly to your Designer. Your Programmer will be available to answer technical functionality questions and provide installation information. At ANY time, your Project Manager is available to assist with any questions about your project, by phone, email, and discussion board  


Q: Can I call you if I have a question?

A: Yes, your Project Manager is available by telephone. However, for specific feedback regarding your design, we generally ask that you reply to the online discussion board (see below), so we can refer back to your information as needed.


Q: Where are you located? When can I communicate with you?

A: In order to optimally meet the needs of our clients, we have one Project Manager on the East Coast and one on the West Coast (U.S.). You can call, text, or instant message your Project Manager any time during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. You can post replies to the discussion board any time, 24/7 and we will reply at our earliest availability. Normally, all messages are responded to in under 1 business day. Our designers, programmers and East Coast project managers work out of our office located in Ocean View, New Jersey.

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