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The past few months we’ve had an influx of high fashion clients that we’ve been happy to work for. This post features the design the OCDesiginsonline team created for DLF Clothing, a gorgeous mauve, gold, and red design that shows the spirit of this new and gently used designer label fashion site.

This store features a rolling brand reel to help build credibility

The design of this eBay storefront features many engaging widgets, like a rolling brand reel to show potential customers all of the brands that our client represents – which helps build trust and credibility with these customers because it encourages them to associate the feelings they have for their favorite brands, with this eBay store.  

This gorgeous fashion store design from OCDesignonline has helped this ebay client sell more

We’ve also added a search by clothing and shoe size, which is a valuable feature for stores with a large inventory to share so that customers don’t get frustrated by finding something they like and realizing it wouldn’t fit them. This is also particularly smart for stores that share used products, since many of their stock may come in only one size.

This client also requested a matching eBay listing template

eBay templates are essential for sellers, especially for brands that have items that are highly searchable because then customers will be more inclined to click to see more products from your store rather than just buy one product and go.

Sell more on eBay with a custom listing template

Customers want to find stores that bring them great value so having a listing template and storefront design combo is a smart idea, because it shows more about a store at a glance and shares a continuous brand story that can dramatically increase your sales.

If you want to check out a few more examples before you request your free quote, here are a few other designs from our team.

More of our fashion clients:

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