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Today we are sharing a recent design we’ve created for Duke’s Supplies and Auto Parts, a wonderful seller that works to help customers reach all of their automotive needs. We have created many designs in the automotive industry, so we know what works and what doesn’t for this eBay sector. Check out a bit behind their design story below.

Featured Products and Daily Deals sell more

This orange and black design helps our client’s products sell more because of a few key features. We first started by creating a welcome image that features a few store policies that we knew would help build trust with potential customers. Showing customers some of what they can gain from a store is always a great way to shoppers that may be deciding between a few different sellers to purchase from.

Duke's eBay design helps them sell more

We also added a Daily Deal and Featured Items area so that customers can be swayed to click around more and to add items to their shopping cart that they may not have been initially looking for, which helps this store sell more.

The Advanced Search widget also helps our client because it helps keep customers from getting confused as to whether or not an item would work for their car. With autoparts, it’s important to be as specific as possible so that you don’t end up frustrated customers by getting them to buy products that won’t work with the make and model of their car. We made sure to add this widget high up on the page, above the fold, so that no customers can miss it.

There are many different autoparts sellers on eBay, so it’s important to have a well-performing design to help you sell more and stand out. We’ve helped many stores in this sector do just that, check out a few other examples below.

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