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How to Create an eBay Listing Template that Sells

You may have noticed that listing an item for sale on eBay is only the beginning. In fact, getting your product onto eBay isn’t even where you should begin if you want to sell on eBay. Crafting your listing to sell involves much more than that.

In order to maximize your conversion rate, AKA what amount of people viewing your listing that actually then go forward and purchase the product, you need to increase the quality of your eBay listings. 

First, you need a custom eBay HTML listing template.

At OCDesignsonline we design custom eBay listing templates that match our eBay store designs. (Not sure what the difference is between and eBay store design and an eBay listing template?) It’s part of an eCommerce design package that has helped our customers see an increase in sales by an average of 30%. It’s important to have a listing template that matches your store because it creates a professional look that your potential customers can grow to trust.

And creating a professional look using only the standard eBay presets is not easy. You need to create this professionalism yourself with the help of a design strategy. A standard listing cannot compete against an HTML customized listing.


The way you create your eBay listings is so important in generating revenue. I think it’s pretty clear from the above photo. Not many people would choose the listing on the left.

The good thing about eBay listing templates from OCDesignsonline is that they come with a free listing tool so that you can customize each listing to its optimum potential. Take a look at the screenshot below so that you can see how easy it is to use.


There are options to add multiple photos, a detailed description, shipping and payment options, and so much more. It makes creating an SEO-rich eBay listing easier, which is what all sellers need. If you are a fan of HTML, you can also add some custom code to these areas. You will love this active-content free listing technology. 

There is even a live preview option so that you know for sure you have the exact listing you want to create.

To get started, contact us for a free quote. You can see some examples of our designs below, as well as checking out our ebay design portfolio for even more design examples organized by industry.


We also have a selection of pre-made eBay listing templates for sellers on a tighter budget. While we strongly recommend custom eBay designs, we pride ourselves in creating templates that sell more products and these templates will help you do that.


If you are ready to utilize your listings to their best capacity and reach your eCommerce sales goals, it’s time to get started with our team. Contact us for a free store design quote today.

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What is the Difference between an eBay Store Design and a eBay Template Design?

As professional eBay and eCommerce web designers, we run into a lot of the same questions in our day to day business. One of those questions is “What is the difference between an eBay store design and an eBay template design?” So we are going to answer for you today. It’s important to understand every aspect of your store, especially if you are in the market for an eBay HTML template design and want to find a budget-friendly design.



So, what is an eBay template?

Simply put, an eBay template is the first line of defense when a customer finds your product in eBay search. It’s the page your product lives on, where the potential customer can find more photos and information about your eBay product listing. But it isn’t that simple when it comes to design. Like we said, many customers will get their first impression of your store through this template – so it needs to perform certain capacities.

A successfully designed eBay template should be:

  • Mobile optimized (this is no longer an add-on, it’s a necessity in this mobile landscape)
  • Free of active-content (as per eBay’s 2017 guidelines)
  • Have multiple product photos
  • Relevant details about the product
  • Store policies to help build trust with the customer
  • Something to draw the customer to look at your eBay storefront for more
  • MUST match your eBay store design for brand continuity

This kind of custom work is near impossible to find in a standard eBay templates made for the masses. It’s not just about having pretty graphics, it’s about helping your products perform better in the competitive marketplace.

Now, how is this different from an eBay store design?

eBay store designs are created to help sell the image of your store, as well as encourage more clicks to other product pages. While template design helps sell one product, your store design should encourage browsing and larger shopping cart checkouts. We have whole other article on this topic. Why are shoppers abandoning their shopping carts? Click to find out.

An eBay store design should:

  • Share the spirit of the store and its products
  • Match the HTML listing template look and feel
  • Encourage clicks to other products and category pages
  • Utilize white space to help products stand out
  • Share store policies easily for consumers

Overall, it’s about the presentation. You have to share products in the right way so that customers are then encouraged to click-through to the listing templates and find out more, while also representing the store in a positive way so that consumers will want to come back for more.

So now that you have a more clear representation of the differences between an eBay store design and an eBay template, you can feel more secure when shopping for your own design.

OCDesignsonline offers free quotes on our designs and we offer packages for eBay sellers that want to save on both an eBay storefront design and an eBay HTML listing template. Send us a message or give us a call! We are ready to talk with you about your store’s goals.

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Why You Need an eBay Template Design from OCDesignsonline

Customers have been coming to OCDesignsonline for eBay template designs for years, and for good reason! We know exactly what works and what doesn’t on this popular eCommerce platform. With so many sellers competing for the same business, you need to stand out and having eBay templates that match your storefront is the perfect way to start.

Our professional eBay template designs come both as custom branded templates (for the store that wants a completely unique feel) as well as pre-built templates for budget priced eBay options. We want your store to succeed, which is why we give these two options to our loyal customers.

Custom eBay templates from professional eBay designers

Here are some examples of our completely custom eBay store custom listing templates. We work to make sure that all of our designs suit the industry with which they represent, so that all our your customers see the kind of store they expect to see when shopping with our clients.

All of these custom eBay templates are part of a design package, meaning that the owner has an eBay storefront to match this template – which creates a cohesive brand experience for shoppers.


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We have worked with over 100 eBay sellers so far this year, want to see why? Make sure to request a free eBay design quote so that you can see why (and how) we’ve helped our clients sell more with these custom design options.

You can see even more examples of our eBay custom templates on our blog, as well as in our eBay design portfolio viewer.

Pre-made eBay templates available from our eBay designers

Then we have our pre-made eBay templates for eBay sellers that have a more limited budget or want to “try on” an eBay designer before they buy.


These pre-made templates can also be paired with a matching pre-made store designs for maximum impact and sales potential. 


Whether or not you get a custom listing template or a premade eBay HTML template, we recommend you get a matching store design as well. It’s so important because it shows more about a store at a glance and shares a continuous brand story that can dramatically increase your sales. Brand continuity is important! It helps your credibility and click-through rate. 

There are dozens of other HTML eBay template designs to choose from in our pre-made shop. Take a look at a few examples below then check out our portfolio for many more pages of template examples, organized by industry.


Request a free quote and find out why you need an eBay template from our team

OCDesignsonline has a large portfolio of clients, spanning several years and platforms, so browse our portfolio to get a feel of our quality of work and then request your free website design quote to see what we can do for you. Don’t forget to also follow us on our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for more updates.

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