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In these times of the virtual world taking over the physical one, billboards have also been replaced by mobile and laptop screens; and so has the form and method of advertising and marketing. In the olden days, advertising was done through mediums like mouth publicity, banners, pamphlets, and other means. But with the advent of technology and new times, social media advertising is one of the most used media for marketing in any company, in any corner of the world.

Social media advertising includes Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing which is also called hashtags campaigning, Twitter marketing, and various other social media platforms are also used for marketing. Social media advertising is done through making company pages, for instance, there is a Facebook page of almost every company be it a startup, or a top-level company. Also, this Facebook page is updated on regular basis regarding the offers the company has to give to its customers. On Instagram, hashtags are generated related to the product or service, and people seldom use them for getting more views on the post related to the company. Twitter is yet another social media platform that uses hashtags for the purpose of marketing.

Social media advertising is gaining more popularity day by day and now has become the main function of management in all the companies. Apart from this many institutes are now providing social media advertising courses to individuals who want to make a career in this sector. Thus, social media advertising has now evolved as a discipline also, with proper literature and case studies to analyze on.

Go for virtual means of advertising if you want to go global with just a few clicks, and get customers from all corners of the world and see your sales soaring high!

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