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Imagine what your customers will think when they see your dull, boring-looking website? Your customers may not like it and probably going to have second thoughts to make a purchase from your e-store.

By this, you can understand how important it is to select good visuals and templates for your website or e-store. However, picking the perfect bigcommerce template is not as easy as it may sound. Therefore, here we help you how to pick the right one-

Look for compatibility:  Why? Well, not all your customers may be using the same browser! Considering this fact, selecting a bigcommerce template design that provides compatibility with different browsers is the best and ideal thing to do. It will ensure that customers can easily find, open and navigate through your e-store/website.

Choose a responsive design: Responsive design allows your website to adjust to varying dimensions and screen sizes effortlessly. This is why you should look for a template that can easily adapt to dimensions and screen sizes of different devices. It will provide seamlessly smooth user experience to your customer and make sure that they keep coming back to you.

List out the template features you need: Listing out the features that you require in your bigcommerce template or bigcommerce theme can help you narrow down the options; given there are millions of options available. Try to consider the relevant feature required and includes useful ones such as price filtering, product pages, navigation bar, category pages etc. in your list.

So when you know what you require, you can easily eliminate the ones you don’t need.

SEO-friendly: Being SEO-friendly isn’t restricted to content. Your website also has a role when it comes to ranking. Hence when selecting the template, make certain that it should have a proper hierarchy. In this way, you end up selecting the most appropriate template which will give smooth navigation to search engine crawlers and your users. Also, SEO backed template will help to rank your website better and hence people can find it easily.

So, the next time you think to change the template then do pick the right one by considering above- mentioned points. This will undoubtedly help you pick the best bigcommerce template.

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