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Bigcommerce has come up as a virtual business market for sellers and buyers from all corners of the world. Millions of small and big businesses are forming their web pages on this platform daily. The basic technological tools which are required for forming a web store include bigcommerce themes and bigcommerce templates.

When it comes to big-commerce templates, these form the basic structure of the web page like where will be the drop-down menu places, where will be the other icons placed, what will be the look of the page when some visitor will see it. And theme would be the decorative side of the webpage; theme is the one which differentiates a florist page from a car hardware tools page!

There are various types of big commerce themes that one can go with. But the only rule which needs to be followed while finalizing a bigcommerce theme is that the theme should do justice with the type and nature of the product or service you are dealing with. There are different themes for different product stores on big-commerce, some are discussed below:

  • A theme for your watch collection, which shows more for less; having different rows for the different cadre of watches, so that the customer can easily filter as per his or her choice, and budget.
  • A theme for your shoe business, with high-graphic shoe pictures; also, this theme makes your online store compatible for mobile screens; apart from this, having the option of multiple currencies so that customers from any corner of the sphere can access it.
  • A big commerce theme for your bags, depicting various types of bags as per their category, and also not having bold colors in the background so that the bag’s color can be seen.
  • When dealing with home furnishing, you can go with a bigcommerce theme with pastel colors, and big compartments to upload crystal clear pictures of the furnishings; you can also add on more zoomed-in pictures to show the material used and the various other colors available for the furnishing.

Apart from these, there are many bigcommerce themes available for different products, and services like clothes, electronics, agricultural items, and so much more.

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