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What is shown is sold! This holds even in the virtual world; where companies showcase their products and services on various social media platforms. Another reason for social media marketing is the increased socializing by people on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms.

These companies have their pages on different platforms where they post about their products and services and offers related to the same on daily basis. Also during festive seasons and mega discount times, these pages become even more active for the viewers.

Companies are now forming a separate section or say department for personnel to solely dedicate their skills in managing the social media marketing of the company. Experts in the technical field are being hired for the same. Another option being practices by these companies is that they outsource this task of social media marketing including Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing to those agencies which expertise in this field and provide various services also.

Another way of reaching to the public is through influencers, these are those individuals who have a large following on these social pages and do have an influence on people’s lives. Thus these companies contact these individuals also and on a contractual basis advertise their products and services through the former.

Developing a whole new department and team might cause a lot of mullah to the company therefore the second option of outsourcing is quite popular among small companies.

Social media advertising is gaining more popularity day by day and now has become the main function of management in all the companies. In other words it also can be said that social media marketing is the new essential when it comes to company’s smooth performance and survival in the competition.

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