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You may have noticed that listing an item for sale on eBay is only the beginning. In fact, getting your product onto eBay isn’t even where you should begin if you want to sell on eBay. Crafting your ebay listing to sell involves much more than that.

In order to maximize your conversion rate, AKA what amount of people viewing your listing that actually then go forward and purchase the product, you need to increase the quality of your eBay listings. 

First, you need a custom eBay HTML listing template.

At OCDesignsonline we design custom eBay listing templates that match our eBay store designs. (Not sure what the difference is between and eBay store design and an eBay listing template?) It’s part of an eCommerce design package that has helped our customers see an increase in sales by an average of 30%. It’s important to have a listing template that matches your store because it creates a professional look that your potential customers can grow to trust.

And creating a professional look using only the standard eBay presets is not easy. You need to create this professionalism yourself with the help of a design strategy. A standard listing cannot compete against an HTML customized listing.

ebay listing templates that sell 1024x583

The way you create your eBay listings is so important in generating revenue. I think it’s pretty clear from the above photo. Not many people would choose the listing on the left.

The good thing about eBay listing templates from OCDesignsonline is that they come with a free listing tool so that you can customize each listing to its optimum potential. Take a look at the screenshot below so that you can see how easy it is to use.

creating an eBay listing template 443x1024

There are options to add multiple photos, a detailed description, shipping and payment options, and so much more. It makes creating an SEO-rich eBay listing easier, which is what all sellers need. If you are a fan of HTML, you can also add some custom code to these areas. You will love this active-content free listing technology. 

There is even a live preview option so that you know for sure you have the exact listing you want to create.

To get started, contact us for a free quote. You can see some examples of our designs below, as well as checking out our ebay design portfolio for even more design examples organized by industry.

ebay html listing template examples

We also have a selection of pre-made eBay listing templates for sellers on a tighter budget. While we strongly recommend custom eBay designs, we pride ourselves in creating templates that sell more products and these templates will help you do that.

premade ebay listing templates on a budget

If you are ready to utilize your listings to their best capacity and reach your eCommerce sales goals, it’s time to get started with our team. Contact us for a free store design quote today.

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