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Today on the blog, we wanted to share with you the clean-cut design we created for Power Equipment International on eBay. This design features a welcome image with a call to action, diagonal and curved lines across the page to draw the eye, a custom listing template, and more.

Stay tuned for the design story below, as well as some other designs you may want to see from the OCDesignsonline team. We’ve been creating eBay storefronts for years so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to eBay HTML template designs. 

PEI’s Handsome eBay Design Helps them Sell More

When first visiting Power Equipment International (PEI)’s eBay storefront, the first thing visitors will notice is the sharp, handsome design. You can tell right away what kind of equipment is sold on this storefront through the use of their welcome image and you also get a feel for the brand since everything featured  has a similar look and color-scheme.

eBay stores that sell more

We made sure to highlight parts of the store that would encourage visitors, like their payment options and their fast shipping. We also utilized curved and slanted lines to draw the customer’s eye, helping them browse and, in turn, click and buy more from our client. 

As a designer, we love adding these eye-catching elements because we know it helps sell products, but also because it increases the time customers stay on the page. Combining functionality with design is one of our specialties. 

Custom Listing Templates Seal the Deal

eBay listing templates help eBay stores boost sales

To further encourage sales, we created an eBay listing template for our customer. Since a listing is often the first place that a customer will be exposed to a store, it’s something we strongly recommend our clients to add on to their purchase. Being consistent with your brand identity will encourage more loyal customers. 

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