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One of the main ways to build links to your store and products is through content marketing. We have spoken before about how content marketing through blogs is actually becoming expected by customers in this growing digital landscape, so here we are going to share with you some insights into why creating guest posts for blogs in your niche is an important marketing step for eCommerce sellers.

Reason #1: Guest posting is free marketing

Having your guest post accepted by a blog that reaches your general market is a free way to reach potential customers. If you reach the correct market, you are sharing your product with those that want to hear it, making them more susceptible to what you have to say than other random non-segmented blogs will. This makes your content marketing more focused than sending a random ad with a broad demograph chosen with Facebook or Twitter advertising. If you or your staff can create this blog post yourself, researching and proofreading everything you want to say, then this guest post becomes free advertising. While you have the option of paying someone to create a guest post that advertises your services and products in a relatable way, it isn’t advised as the tone they create may not share what you have to say in the best way. 

No one knows your company better than you, if you have the ability to write a well-groomed post, give it a try so that you can take advantage of this free advertising tool.

Reason #2: Guest posts help with SEO

Having a guest post shared on a blog that is not your own will help increase your search engine optimization because it will increase the likelihood that your links will be indexed by search engine crawlers more so than it would have otherwise. And if your link is shared on a blog in the same niche, it increases the correct associations with your content and makes your link look more reliable. All of this together helps your SEO, bringing more attention to your content and your products over time.

Reason #3: It also helps build your social media presence

When your content is shared on a blog, they often share that post on their social media and will often tag your account when they do so, helping you spread your presence online. This is a great way to increase your online following and network with others in your niche. Make sure to share your post on social media as well, tagging the host of your post, and responding to any questions left on the blog post and posted on social, as this will help you reach more customers and build trust with the owner of the blog you shared your content on – making it more likely you can work with them again in the future.

OCDesignsonline and their white space centered designs

Now what?

We’ll be sharing a post soon on different ideas for creating a guest post and how you can approach blogs, but for now, get thinking! There are many ways you can share value in your niche, providing value to potential customers, without sounding too much like an advertisement.

Before you get started on your guest post, make sure that your storefront is prepared for visitors. When was the last time you updated your design? Does it cover these 2016 eCommerce trends? Follow these recommended goals? Meet these three unconventional marketing ideas?

If you want to put your store forward with the best possible impression on customers, contact OCDesignsonline for a free design quote. No matter what your eCommerce strategy is, if your store doesn’t speak to the customers you want to bring in, if it isn’t easy to use and encouraging to shoppers, nothing you do will work. Optimize your store with a new design from our team today.

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