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OCDesignsonline loves working with antique and vintage sellers because they create such a unique experience for customers. Working with gently used products, whether they be furniture or clothing, is a great way to minimize the amount of waste in the world while also maintaining your unique style.

Today we are sharing with you the design story behind the eBay brand, Arté Antiques, a wonderful online antique seller that specializes in furniture you would see royalty using. They sell porcelain, paintings, Asian pieces, and so much more. This luxury brand came to us to help their products sell more and stand out in this digital space, here we are sharing with you the design we created to bring everything together.

The color palette for this design was chosen purposefully

Purple, the main color used in this design, was used purposefully to bring about the feelings of royalty. Purple was often used by royalty in centuries past because this color was hard to make in a dye, so supply was very limited. The color was actually created using a certain kind of snail, so when we say that purple was only for the most important of the time, it’s the truth. We knew that with the kind of products that Arté Antiques sells, purple would have to be included in this design.

Arte Artifacts and their new eBay storefront

We accented the medium purple hue with a darker purple that looks almost black. The filigrees we added to the design were created in gold, so they stand out among these darker colors.

The products in this store stand out

This design was created to showcase the spirit of the store while also helping them sell more with a few strategic product placements. We used a Featured Products widget to share products at a glance with new customers, showing them what they can expect of the price ranges and quality of products quickly. This helps set a precedent with new and prospective customers of what Arté Antiques is all about.

If you want your customers to get the right impression of your brand right away, helping you sell more and gather more interest, than you need to contact our team. We have worked with thousands of stores and will know exactly what your products will need to stand out.

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