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One of the great things about eBay is the ability for normal people to take charge of their lives and become business owners. It can start small, just by selling a few things you find in your attic or a dress you sewed for someone else who ended up changing their minds. eBay was one of the first websites to put the selling power in the hands of users.

Today we at OCDesignsonline are sharing with you a new eBay storefront and custom listing template design for the advantageous store Fast Drop, an eBay seller that has taken it upon themselves to sell vintage and used items. Their slogan is “We sell your stuff on eBay.”

We created a design that matches the spirit of this store

Since Fast Drop specializes in selling used items, many of which are collectibles, we wanted to make sure we put together a website that shares that kind of feeling. The muted yellow and blues we used works well for that vintage look.

We also utilized the connotations of the universal recycling arrow symbols to work with the brand image. These arrows are also used in the logo for Fast Drop, to go along with their slogan.

Custom eBay store designer OCDesignsonline


In the header at the top of our client’s eBay store we also created some buzz phrases about their customer service and other guarantees the store offers. Showing these offers right away creates a sense of trust with potential customers, encouraging them to buy right away.

Category pages and custom listing templates increase sales

Since we brought out individual category pages and made clickable images for them on the main page, a custom category page had to be created. These category pages help increase SEO for our client as it creates more relevant links back to their store for search engines to index.

Custom eBay designs Custom category pages for eBay sellers from OCDesignsonline

Custom listing templates have been shown to increase sales as well because they show general eBay customers that our client is a serious business that won’t take advantage of them and will offer them a value that a hobby seller may not be able too. It also encourages more clicks to our client’s main store page and the more browsing a customer does, the more likely they are to have a larger cart size.

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