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Shopify themes have been the talk of the virtual market for a long time. Sellers and dealers from all corners of the world come together at the Shopify platform to sell their products. But just having the right Shopify themes as per the product is not enough in today’s competitive time. Gone are the days when just uploading the theme and starting our web page was enough to take a step towards selling more; now the theme should be such which has a responsive design as its base.

For those who do not know what responsive design term means in the virtual world? It is the response of the web site or web page design in real-time to the type of device and screen it is surfed on! For instance, one developed Shopify theme as per the desktop view and started his or her web page, now many people tried opening the same web page on their tablets and mobile phones, but could not surf further due to the configuration issues, and hence decided to visit some other web page. Within such a short period, the seller lost so many viewers who could have been converted into prospective buyers.

Making separate web pages and web sites for mobile devices and tablets is not a rational approach in front of the responsive design of the Shopify themes. Here are some of the advantages the responsive Shopify themes have over separate mobile web pages:

  • URLs remain the same all over the web pages and websites on various devices, and hence it becomes easier for the users to share the links with their family and friends.
  • The risk of duplicate content being developed is minimized since only one single physical copy of the web page is made, unlike many in the case of a separate website for mobile phones and tablets.

Apart from these, many intricate complexities can be smartly handled with the help of responsive Shopify themes.

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