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A CRM – or Customer Relationship Management – is a tool for managing your business’ relationships with customers and prospects. And you can effectively use a CRM to supplement your eBay store marketing strategy.



CRMs help you keep track of contact information, segment customers, scale your sales process, and provide customized service to your buyers.

Consequently, CRMs tend to help you build lasting relationships with your clients.

And CRMs have been found to have major effects on your business.

For example, when a company engages a customer using a CRM, that customer is likely to spend 20% – 40% more then next time they make a purchase. 24% of companies witnessed an increase in sales productivity by using CRM mobile apps. CRMs led to sales conversion rate improvements of over 300%. And CRMs have an increased customer retention rate of 27%.

Even with these incredible numbers at hand, an astonishing 75% of companies don’t use CRMs – or any other process – for nurturing leads and current clients.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should use a CRM to supplement your eBay store.


Organize Contact Data

With a CRM, you can easily keep track of contact data. You’ll have customer names and email addresses at your fingertips, ready and available when you need them. This means that sending an email newsletter, following up with customers, or reviewing interactions is fast and easy.


Segment Customers

A CRM can help you create a list of contacts to reach out to based on specific criteria. Many CRMs allow you to sort contacts by the data you’ve collected about them, whether that’s location, behavior, demographic, or other helpful factors.


Create Sales Reports

With easy-to-use sales dashboards and reports, you can better manage customers, close deals, and organize contacts at different points of the sales process. This way, you can leverage every piece of valuable information.


Forecast Sales

A CRM pulls in key metrics that help you track your eBay store’s performance, measure your growth year-over-year, and plan effectively for the future. These forecasting tools give you the power to strategize, stock products, and troubleshoot problems before they even arise.


Scale Your Sales Process

With a CRM, you will no longer be scrambling for your calendar, scrolling through hundreds of contacts, or looking for lost notes. CRMs allow you to see activities like scheduled emails, calls, and meetings, and you can use your CRM to identify patterns and build improvements.


Getting on the Path to a Simpler, More Successful eBay Store

A CRM can help streamline your sales process and leverage your strategies. Even better, many CRMs offer free trials that help you test to see if you’ve found the right fit.

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