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Competition is fierce on eBay. With thousands of other stores selling similar products, how can you make your eBay template stand out online?

That’s why we’ve put together the nine questions below. Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you’re making the best choices to help your eBay template stand out online.


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Have I chosen the right category for my eBay template?

eBay still operates on a “Best Match” search structure. That means that listing your eBay template in the correct category will have a major impact on whether it shows up. To make sure your eBay template stands out online, list your eBay template in a category where your target buyers will find it.


Is my eBay template design professional and trust-building?

Design is key for building trust and earning buyer confidence. Does your eBay template design showcase the quality of your products? Does it build trust and confidence in new buyers? Giving your eBay template some professional attention can go a long way in helping your eBay template stand out online.


Is my eBay template easy to navigate?

Go through your eBay template, as though you were one of your own customers. Are there any snags or glitches on your eBay template that might drive a buyer away? Be critical, and iron out any – even small – details to ensure the smoothest experience.


How persuasive is the language on my page?

The copy you write (or hire someone to write) can make or break your eBay template. Make sure your eBay template is filled with copy that showcases the benefits (what your customers get) of your products.


Have I used keywords that my best customer would search for?

Think about what your ideal customers will type into that search bar. Are you including those at a 1% – 3% ratio on your eBay template? If not, now’s the time to incorporate some carefully chosen keywords.


Am I creating value through an eBay blog?

An eBay blog will show your customers that they can count on your expertise, and will keep people coming back to you for more. A blog can boost buyer confidence, and and also help improve your search rankings. By improving your search rankings, you’re taking actionable steps toward making your eBay template stand out online.


What are my competitors doing right?

There is so much that we can learn from studying the competition. If you haven’t already, spend some time browsing their eBay templates, understanding what they’re doing best, and learning from their mistakes.


Am I delivering the best service – every time?

Consistency wins over hearts. So, make sure you’re providing stellar customer service, sending out top-notch products, and creating added value for your customers through personalized assistance and knowledge-rich blog posts.


Am I Over-Delivering Before, During, & After Each Sale?

One of the best ways to get your eBay template to stand out online is when happy customers refer their friends. That means you must over deliver at every point in the customer experience; from the very first moment a customer contacts you, to the interactions you have with them long into the future.


Ask Yourself Questions to Narrow in on How to Make Your eBay Template Stand Out Online

By asking yourself these questions now, next week, and next year, you’ll discover all the amazing ways you can help your eBay template stand out online.

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