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Have you ever wondered how to win more repeat clients on eBay?

If so, you’re doing the right thing.

At OCDesignsOnline, we’ve had a couple other posts about how to win more repeat clients on eBay. But, there’s a reason for that.

Getting loyal customers is one of the best and most lucrative tools you have to grow your business.

Repeat customers spend 300 percent more than new customers, you have a 13 percent higher chance of persuading them to make a purchase, and repeat customers refer 50 percent more people than one-time buyers.

The bottom line is, repeat customers can significantly boost your profits. And, they’re easy to win.

Here’s how you can win more repeat clients on eBay…


6 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind, and Win Repeat Clients on eBay


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Make it a Priority

One of the best ways to win more repeat clients on eBay is to change your mindset. Mark repeat customers as your #1 priority. You’ll naturally give them more attention, and this will make them happier.


Go Above & Beyond

Whether that means putting a special gift in your next package, or sending out birthday cards to your loyal clients. Going above and beyond – even just a little – will show you clients how much you care.


Follow Up Often

A powerful way to win loyal clients is to follow up. Once you know their package has been received, send along a personalized message making sure everything was in order. This shows buyers that you care, and will increase their trust in you and your store.


Be Timely

If people have questions or concerns about their product, make sure you’re there for them when they need. Being prompt with your responses will dramatically increase customer satisfaction.


Offer Exclusive Benefits

Give you repeat clients priority. Create deals and discounts customized specially for them. Release new products to them early. And give them holiday benefits that show them how important they are.


Stay Top-of-Mind

You should be the first company your clients think of when they need something in your industry. To do this, you need to keep reminding your customers – in an engaging way – that you are there for them. Use social media, newsletters, and blog posts to keep your content in front of clients.


Make it Easy to be Loyal

Be accessible to your repeat customers. Create deals and discounts, send frequent reminders that you’re there for them, and choose an eBay template design that makes the user experience awesome.


Increase Your Number of Repeat Clients on eBay Today…

By following the simple steps listed above, you can win more repeat clients on eBay today. And that can measurably increase your bottom line.

Need a hand earning loyal eBay buyers? Give our friendly team at OCDesignsOnline a call today at 609-675-0912. We’re eager to give you the tools and know-how to make your eBay store a popular hub.

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