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As eBay store owners – we have a great opportunity to work flexibly, wherever we want, whenever we want.

And yet – that freedom can be a double-edged sword.

Not only does running an eBay store give you freedom; but it also presents challenges. Suddenly, you are responsible for your own paycheck, your own schedule, and your own productivity.

There is one thing that can help to alleviate those challenges, so you can stay focused, get more done, and make more money – all without burning out.

Your workspace.


8 ways eBay store owners can create a workspace that maximizes impact, while minimizing stress.


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Keep it Organized

“As you power through your day, your elbows and your brain need space to do what they do best.” says an article in the Harvard Business Review. Reduce stress and confusion by keeping your stock organized and accessible, maintaining a clean desk, and minimizing clutter.


Get it Together

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the first hour of your workday troubleshooting slow wifi, or trying to find the packing materials. Make sure everything you need is where you need it before you start your workday. This way, your work time can be productive and rewarding.


Experiment With Tools

Today, there are endless productivity and support tools designed specially for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Take advantage of time tracking resources like Toggl, and business management helpers like Wave.


Be Picky About the Environment

Some eBay store owners visit a coffee shop to tackle online tasks. For others, a coffee shop is way too noisy. Some eBay store owners are productive in their home office. For others, a co-working space is the only answer. Everyone is different. Experiment to figure out the kind of space that works for you.


Make it Dedicated

Create a dedicated space for stock and a different space for work tasks. Make sure these spaces are separate from your living space; even if they’re only separated by a curtain. Keeping your life separate from your work will help you maintain a healthy balance.


Notice Your Physicality

Are you spending hours on the floor putting addresses on boxes? Or, are you stuck in a chair that’s giving you back pain? The way you feel while you work has a big impact on productivity for eBay store owners. Invest in furniture that supports your physical health.


Combine Analog with Online

As eBay store owners, we spend a lot of time looking at a screen. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of opportunities to use analog tools; whether that’s writing a to-do list or hands on tasks like packaging shipments.


Eliminate Distractions

Working home can be great – but, it’s easy to feel pressured to do the ironing or put away that last load of dishes. Being productive means making those distractions vanish. Clean up your workspace, turn down the music, or make a to-do list of household chores that you’ll get to when you get “home” from work.


Create a Space that Helps You Thrive as an eBay Store Owner

By spending some time thinking about your workspace – you can boost your productivity, prosperity, and health.

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