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Ever feel like you’re scrambling to keep up with sales, and don’t have the chance to maintain or improve your eBay store?

You’re not alone… and, there’s an answer!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your store design or build your presence on social media; January is an outstanding time to focus on eBay store maintenance.

Here are 7 items to focus on come January, when sales tend to slow down, and you finally have a chance to catch your breath.




Have you been thinking about upgrading your color palette? Or, maybe wondering if it’s time to revamp your listing template? Now’s your chance.

January is the perfect time to upgrade your eBay store design so that it fits current trends, while helping your brand stand out from the crowd.


User Experience

Have customers mentioned that your checkout process is confusing? Is the phone number on your listing template outdated?

Even simple improvements can improve user experience, and help your buyers have the stellar experience that keeps them coming back to your store.


Social Integration

What does your social media presence look like? Wondered about expanding to another platform, but just haven’t had time? Or, do you want to put together an ad campaign that will take some time and energy to create?

Now is the time to focus on building your social media presence. In fact, most social media platforms let you schedule posts months in advance, so you can get way ahead – all during the month of January.



Is your copy outdated or confusing? Does it speak to a target audience you no longer resonate with?

Copy is one of your most powerful tools – so take a look, and give your copy a refresh this January.



Does your eBay store show up in Google searches? Will your target buyers be able to easily find your store when they search for products in your industry? What do your analytics say about that?

January is the perfect time to update your SEO, examine your analytics, and put strategies in place that will boost your eBay store visibility.



Are you thinking of adding a product to your offerings? Need to put in an order for the new year? Or, looking to upgrade what you’re already selling?

Get organized in January for all the opportunities that will present themselves in the new year.



There are so many opportunities for eBay store owners – between shopping holidays and conferences; you need to be organized to take advantage of everything that’s available.

Use this month as a chance to make that plan, so you never miss an opportunity for success and growth.


Fortune Favors the Prepared

When it comes to running a successful eBay store, that old saying is true, “Fortune favors the prepared,”

Take advantage of those upcoming January days to revamp your store, learn from mistakes, and make your eBay presence even more of a wow-factor.

Want help with your eBay store? Get in touch with our friendly experts at OCDesignsOnline today – we’re eager to work you into our January calendar, and make your eBay store a lasting success.


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