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Have you heard about the innovative, new eBay “Always Open” platform?

Do you own a physical shop or storefront? Have you been hit hard by the huge increase of eCommerce sales in recent years? Is it important to you to keep your business local? Wondering how to maintain your onsite location, while benefiting from online opportunities?

If any of these sound familiar, then the new eBay “Always Open” program may be a smart choice for you. That’s because eBay “Always Open” is a special site for brick and mortar stores to expand their presence into the online space.

eBay “Always Open” vendors get:


In Store Branding

Sellers receive branded materials to display in storefronts that help to drive potential buyers to, where the retailer can showcase their merchandise and products in an online profile.

Maintain Your Local Location

Local businesses create vibrant economies by keeping money in their communities. And that makes these businesses an essential part of small towns and cities alike. With that in mind, eBay “Always Open” helps these businesses supplement their income and continue to thrive.


Pair Online & In-Store Trends

Americans spend 64% of their budget in-store and 36% online. By signing up for eBay’s “Always Open” program, physical store owners can pair these two trends – benefiting from both online and in-store shoppers.


Increased Visibility

As an eBay “Always Open” member, you get to boost your visibility, and benefit from eBay’s global marketplace, while still reaping the benefits of a brick and mortar location. After all, Americans still love in-person shopping.


Diverse Selection

eBay Always Open platform is rich with sellers from small towns and cities around the globe; providing higher visibility to everything from fashion brands and collectibles businesses, to home and garden shops and toy stores.


A New Opportunity

Just 500 sellers have enrolled in this new program. Because of this, eBay “Always Open” is both a growing platform, and a great opportunity to expand and evolve along with the program from this exciting initial stage.


A Chance to Grow Your Physical Store

If you’ve been struggling to grow your brick and mortar store, or looking for an opportunity to grow your business, without giving up your physical location – “Always Open” on eBay may be the perfect option.

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