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Looking to get more out of your eBay store in the new year? Hoping to boost your conversion rates so you can increase your bottom line. Most importantly, do you want to make sure your eBay template hooks your target buyers?

Making sure your eBay template hooks your target buyers is one of the best tools you have to make more money on eBay. “If you want your messaging to be effective and your brand to be enticing, you need to go a step further and get to know your customers better,” says Jason DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom.


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So, just how can you ensure your eBay template hooks your target buyers? How can you craft messaging that captures your target audience’ attention, converts sales, and skyrockets your store to the next level?

Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take today.


Challenge Your Assumptions

If you’ve already gone to the lengths to design an eBay template, you likely have an idea of who your target audience is.

To make sure your eBay template hooks your target buyers, you’ll need to challenge that assumption. Are your target buyers really who you think they are? What knowledge are you basing your beliefs on?

Start your research by writing down what you believe to be true about your target buyers. As you move through the process below, you’ll be able to see if those assumptions hold true.


Conduct Large-Scale Surveys

Backup your assumptions with some real research and data. Start with a big survey of your current customers.

Your survey should be multiple choice, so you can gain as much information as possible from everyone who fills one out. Survey Monkey offers FREE target market survey templates you can use as inspiration.

Carefully pour over all the survey answers you receive. What do they tell you about your target audience? Is there anything that surprises you? Anything that would compel you to alter your messaging?


Conduct Small-Scale Surveys

Gain in-depth insights from a small sampling of your current buyers. Use open-ended questions, and get the longest answers possible. This will give you deeper information about your audience’s experiences and relationship with your brand.

Small-scale surveys are one of the most powerful tools you have as an eBay store owner, and a great way to maximize your existing audience.

Create a Buyer Persona

Next, develop a buyer persona; a detailed document that collates the data you have gathered, and helps you truly understand your target customers’ pain points, goals, and motivations.

Get FREE buyer persona templates here on Hubspot to make the job even easier! A buyer persona is an extremely useful tool to help ensure your eBay template hooks your target buyers.


Study Your Competitors

Your competitors are a mine of valuable information for your brand. From your competitors, you can observe successes and failures, gain inspiration, and gather data that helps you distinguish your brand and set your company apart.

Do some in-depth competitor research that informs your branding decisions, and helps you make the most of your eBay template.


Examine Interactions With Your Brand

How does your target audience interact with your company? Are they engaging with you on Social Media? Posting comments and feedback to your eBay template?

Take some time to read through all the comments and thoughts on your social accounts, examine your eBay analytics page, and record your findings. These social interactions will help you understand what your target buyers love about your brand, as well as helping you discover what you can do to get better results.


Be Ready to Evolve

Your target audience will evolve and change over time, and so will your brand. In order to ensure your eBay template hooks your target buyers in the long-term, you will need to stay curious about how your buyers’ needs and motivations are shifting as time goes by.

Leave room to grow, and a willingness to evolve your eBay template along with the buyers who count most.


You Can Make Sure You eBay Template Hooks Your Target Buyers Today

Right now, you’re on the brink of discovering new, valuable information about your target audience. The more you know, the better; because this information will inform every business decision, and help you to fine-tune your eBay template.

Need help conducting target audience research? Want a hand revamping your eBay template for the new year? That’s where OCDesignsOnline comes in. Drop us a line today, and we’ll work you into our new year schedule.

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