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Are you looking for eBay networking secrets that will increase your visibility, boost your profits, and improve your reach?

You’re in the right place.

As Dale Carnegie says, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

Showing people that you are interested in them is one of the most powerful ways to build your network.

And having a strong network is a powerful tool for building your business.

So, how can you show people that you care, and win a loyal network that supports and nurtures your eBay store?

Let’s take a look at 10 powerful eBay networking secrets you can implement today.


Be Reciprocal

Share other people’s content on social media, link to a colleague’s product in your blog, and shout the good word about a new service that you love.

In marketing, the old saying “what goes around comes around,” is true. And sharing content is a great way to boost your own visibility.


Show People You Care

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” said Maya Angelou.

Take every opportunity to express your gratitude, and to show customers how much your value their business.


Connect on Social Channels

Social media is about networks. The stronger your network, the brighter your future. But, sharing doesn’t mean posting an ad for your next awesome product.

It means loving other people’s posts, sharing colleagues’ articles, and supporting the work others’ are doing.


Give Referrals

Have you ever had a customer looking for something that you don’t sell? Refer people to a partner or colleague’s store.

By sending someone along to a brand that’s better suited to them, you’re putting the customer first, and you’re also building a relationship with partner vendors.


Join an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program means you get paid when you sell someone else’s products. This means getting an extra boost, and also sharing the love. Your affiliate likewise gets a perk when they sell one of your products.

Affiliate programs are an eBay networking secret that not enough vendors take advantage of.


Attend Live Events

There’s nothing like face to face interactions. Attending live events can mean heading to that next regional marketing conference, networking at trade shows, or even attending a local party.

You may meet that valuable new connection in a fancy hotel conference room, or maybe at your best friend’s barbecue.


Go Local

Get geographical and market your wares to those in your local area. Focus on ranking higher in search results in your state, and even in your county.

Going local can mean honing in on a target audience that will value your location.


Respond to Emails

Strengthen relationships by responding quickly to emails from clients, partners, friends, colleagues, and prospects.

Responding to emails is simply another valuable way to start a conversation with customers, show them that you care, and build long-term, loyal clients.


Reward Referrals

Reward people who refer their friends to your eBay store. Offer a discount, holiday bonus, or other perk as a thank you for sharing the good word about your brand.

Rewarding referrals is a powerful eBay networking secret, and shows people that you value their business and their time.


Make Your Business People-Focused

As George Ross says, “To be successful, you have to be able to relate to people; they have to be satisfied with your personality to be able to do business with you and to build a relationship with mutual trust.”

Build relationships with mutual trust, and your network will fall quickly into place.

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