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You created your eBay listing, and you put your products out there. Now, you just need to know how to boost your eBay conversion rates. 

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It can be extremely frustrating to put your products out there, and then wait endlessly for a response. After all, you know how awesome your products are – but why aren’t people buying?

Figuring out how to boost your eBay conversion rates is one of the most important tasks you face as an eBay store owner. It’s vital to your success.

Let’s take a look at some easy, powerful ways you can boost your eBay conversion rates today.


First, Find Out What Your Conversion Rate Actually Is

It can be easy to say “my eBay store isn’t working”. But what are the actual numbers?

Finding out exactly how many people are landing on your page, and how many of them are leaving with a product in hand, will be vital information that helps you determine how to boost your eBay conversion rates.

To do this, simply enable eBay’s Seller Hub, and from there, go to Performance -> Traffic and scroll down. This chart will show you everything from your overall conversion rate, to a detailed rate per listing.


Now that you know the numbers, it’s time to determine how to boost your eBay conversion rates…


Choose the Right Category

Be sure to choose the right category for your product. Think about where your potential buyers will search, and make sure you’re listed there. Not getting a lot of people landing on your page? Maybe you’re listed in a section that doesn’t feel relevant to your target buyers.


Make Your Product Description Relevant

If someone has clicked on your page, they already have an interest in your product’s title, price, and image. The next thing they will do is read your description. Does your description address their pain points, while highlighting your products benefits? Is it clear, concise, and easy to read?


Maximize Your “Best Match” Opportunity

The default search setting on eBay is “best match”. Most buyers don’t change that. So, think about what your ideal buyer would type into the search bar. Now, make sure each of those words are in your listing title. Remember, you only have a finite 80 characters – so use them well.


Provide Social Proof

Customers are far more likely to make a purchasing decision if you have glowing reviews from other satisfied shoppers. Most customers are happy to leave positive reviews after a great experience. So, maximize this opportunity by sending a friendly follow-up message to each customer asking them to do so.


Put Important Info at the Top

You only have a couple of seconds to capture attention. And, most new customers simply won’t bother to scroll down. This means you’ve got to put the good stuff at the top of the page. Make sure a new customer immediately sees a high quality image of the product, a compelling headline, and a description that is clear, concise, and benefit-driven.


Prioritize Referrals

92% of consumers trust a recommendation about a sale from their inner circle. And yet, most businesses don’t ask or encourage referrals. That’s where you can pull ahead. Provide exceptional customer service, create a memorable experience, and then, reward customers who refer their friends.


Study Your Competitors

Having successful competitors is an outstanding advantage. And yet, most store owners don’t take advantage of this opportunity. Spend time gaining a real understanding of what your competitors do better than you. Do they provide free shipping? Are they more present on social media? Have they perfected the customer experience? Your competitors hold the answer.


Keep at it…

Making even gentle adjustments to your eBay listing should get you measurable results. And of course, you can track those results easily using your Seller Hub portal.

Most importantly, keep at it. If one adjustment doesn’t seem to get you results, then try another. Fine-tuning your conversion rates is a process, and by staying curious, being willing to experiment, and remaining persistent – you’ll quickly get the outcome you want.

Need a hand boosting your eBay conversion rates? The team at OCDesignsOnline is here to help. Give us a call at 609-675-0912, and our friendly professionals will be at your side.

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