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One of the biggest mistakes that new owners of online stores usually make is that of working with free ecommerce templates. While there is nothing wrong with using such free templates to test the waters and choose a platform to use, if you want to really succeed in the long run then you will be better off with a custom template designed according to the needs of your particular store. Not only will this ensure that your online store looks unique and different but it will also increase the functionality of the website making it easier for visitors to use.

Once you have decided to get a developer to create a custom template for your online store, the biggest challenge you are going to face is that of finding the right developer. Naturally, it is in your interest to find the best developer possible and below are a few tips that should help you to do that.

  • Look for companies that handle all the work in-house. There are many companies out there posing as software developers but who actually outsource the work to outside company and this is dangerous because you will not have direct contact with the company to which the work has been outsourced and you will not be able to explain your needs to them.
  • Look for developers who can handle different ecommerce platforms- even if you are only looking for custom eBay listing templates, you should look for a developer who can deliver other templates such as bigcommerce templates and Shopify templates as well. This is because you might have to set up your online store on more than one platform and it will be easier to work with the same developer for all the projects rather than have to look for a new developer each time.
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