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A couple posts ago, we talked about how to create a dynamite Shopify blog. That lead to some great questions about the best ways to promote your Shopify blog.

Let’s take a look at some key ways to get your blog out in public, so you can grow your fan base, increase your reach, and boost your profits.


Nurture Your Fans

Really listen to feedback, and provide customized content that feeds your fan’s interests and needs. The more your content is shaped to what your fans are craving, the more likely they’ll come back for more, refer their friends, and share your content.


Use Relevant Keywords

Because you’re constantly uploading fresh, original content, your blog is a powerful place to incorporate keywords and increase your search rankings. Blog posts should be between 500 – 800 words, and your relevant keywords should be incorporated naturally throughout.


Build Real Relationships

Love someone else’s blog? Is there a business that totally resonates with you? Feel like you have something in common? Reach out and connect. Strong relationships are one of the best ways to build your network. And once you have a strong network, promoting your blog is easy.


Share Others’ Content

One of the most powerful ways to promote your Shopify blog is to share others’ content. That’s right – friendly sharing builds relationships. Your followers will appreciate the cool resources, and content creators will be pleased to get extra attention.


Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most amazing ways to promote your Shopify blog – especially if you’re providing real value to your readers. Use your posts to start discussions, generate curiosity, and build relationships. Always use images in your post announcements. And, use all the platforms  available to you; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Keep it Real

Interact, answer questions, mention people, and hold discussions. Be engaged in the conversation around your blog and in your industry – the more people understand that you’re a real person providing real value, the more they can relate to your blog.


Get Personal

Did you quote or reference someone in your last post? Have some valuable content that made you think of a specific group of fans? Email those people personally. Personal notifications via email make people feel valued. Even better, those emails may just compel someone to share your post to their own blog. Remember, keep it about them – not you.


Follow Up on Leads

Did someone at a conference mention they were interested in your post? Notice a “like” from someone you didn’t recognize on Facebook? Don’t let any lead slip through your fingers – you never know when someone will be a major influencer, or may refer you to someone who can launch your blog to the next level.


Reach Out to Influencers

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect the decisions of others because of his or her knowledge, position, or relationship with a particular audience. Influencers can be a magical source of exposure for your Shopify blog. Reach out to influencers who share your industry and interests – they might just spread the word to their fans.


Take Note of Timing

Do your analytics show that users generally read your posts late at night? Or, are your readers early risers who seem to be perusing your content at the break of dawn? Take note of timing that works, and use that to create a predictable posting schedule.


Share in More Places

Don’t just share your blog on Facebook. Share it on Instagram, Twitter, and especially Pinterest (so underused by bloggers). The more you share your valuable content around, the more likely your fans are to see it and share it too!


Continue Taking Steps Towards Your Blog’s Success

Remember, blogs grow over weeks, months, and years – not days. Taking one step at a time to promote your blog means you are slowly spreading the word, providing value, and gathering fans.


Need a hand maximizing ways to promote your blog? Here at OCDesignsOnline, we help our clients do just that. Give us a call at 609-675-0912, and our friendly experts will help get your thoughts in front of the people who count.


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