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Do you own and operate a Shopify store? Thinking of starting as Shopify blog?

A Shopify blog is an extremely effective way to grow your store, increase your search rankings, and provide value to your customers. Of course, some blogs are better than others.

Here are some easy, proven steps you can take to make sure your blog gets you the results you want.


8 Shopify Blog Tips to Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More.

Follow these easy steps to make your Shopify blog a sought-after industry hub.


Be Reader-Friendly

Use friendly, compelling language that keeps your readers hooked from the very first sentence. Instead of using complex, lengthy sentences and flowery words, keep it fresh, brief, and easy-to-read. Most users don’t have tons of time, and keeping your content reader-friendly will increase your blog’s popularity.


Check Your Word Count

Your blog posts should be between 500 – 800 words. This is an optimal length for Google’s search algorithms, while still remaining short enough to keep your audience engaged. While it’s tempting to dash of posts of 100 words or less, or to ramble on for over 1,000 words – staying within the recommended word count will build your visibility, while capturing long-term users.


Search Engine Optimized

Incorporate relevant keywords into your blog content at a rate of about 1 keyword to 100 words.  Make sure your blog still sounds natural, even with your keywords incorporated. Use your chosen keywords in your title, subheadings, and gently work them into your body text. By optimizing your posts for search engines, you’ll quickly build your online visibility.


Use Brief Paragraphs

Keep your paragraphs short and sweet. The blurb you’re reading right now is a great example of a brief paragraph. Why use small paragraphs? Breaking up your blog into easy-to-digest amounts of text will make it more approachable for your audience; especially for readers who like to skim through copy quickly.


Headers & Sub Headers

Did you know that users will only read 20% of the copy on your page? That’s right – not even a quarter of your blog will ultimately get read! Most readers quickly scan content, and so providing headings and subheadings will help capture readers’ attention – even if they’re skimming through your writing.


Stay Relevant

Keep your posts relevant to the interests of your target audience. If your company sells shoes, write blog posts about shoes; whether you write about shoe care, or what socks are best to wear with shoes. Sticking to your target audience’s interests will help to engage your specific user base, and will create a sense of predictability and trust.


Provide Value

Create content that is valuable to your specific target audience. If your company sells cookware – your audience might be filled with accomplished home cooks. What would be useful to them? Maybe you provide content packed with cooking tips, advice on how to care for your cookware, and refer them to companies that sell complimentary products – from spoons to spices.


Hone in on Your Brand Voice

Remember, your blog is a window into your business, and will be key in determining and defining your brand voice. Write posts using language that speaks to your target buyers, and helps you create a strong, unified, and recognizable voice.


Frequent and Predictable

Post to your blog on a regular schedule. Post at least once each week, and if you have the time and resources to do so – post more frequently. Posting regularly will help build a sense of predictability and relevance. Your buyers will know they can get up-to-the-minute information from you, and they’ll know exactly when they can get it.


Start Building Your Shopify Blog Audience Today!

Crafting a blog is a unique and exciting opportunity to expand your audience, win loyal buyers, increase your visibility, and define your brand voice.

Need help crafting outstanding Shopify blog articles? Our friendly experts are here for you! Drop us a line today at 609-675-0912, or message us online. We’re excited to help you craft a winning Shopify blog that keeps your buyers coming back for more.

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