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Are you wondering how to perfect your Shopify SEO? Are you trying to rank your Shopify store higher in Google search results?

If so, you’re on the right track. 85% of buyers perform a Google search before making a purchasing decision – which means that ranking on Google makes a major difference in reaching your target buyers and driving sales.

An example of one of our customized, search engine optimized Shopify sites.

So, just how does Google rank Shopify stores?

Google’s search engine favors eCommerce stores with the highest quality content. It also favors sites that have proven trust and authority. Essentially, Google ranks eCommerce stores that it thinks are the most valuable and helpful to its customers.

So, how can you fine tune your Shopify SEO, to make sure your store ranks at the top of Google searches? How can you be sure your target buyers see your Shopify store – before they even notice the competition?

Here are some proven techniques that will boost your search results – so you can get more click throughs, and drive more eager traffic to your Shopify store.


Use Relevant Keywords

Thoughtfully choose keywords that your target audience is likely to type into a search engine. Use keywords that are specific to your products and business, and keep your keywords simple, straightforward, and relevant.


Create Original Copy

Use high quality, unique content on your eCommerce store. Incorporate your chosen keywords into your copy, while making sure your content is natural and easy to read. Be sure every page has at least 250 words of descriptive text.


Host an Engaging Blog

Create a blog, and write posts that inform your users. If you sell products for new moms, develop a blog that gives advice a new mom would find useful. If you sell sportswear, be an authority on all things sports. Be sure your blog posts are at least 500 words.


Use Title Tags

Use 60-70 character title tags. These are the words that appear on the browser when your site is open. Your title tag is included in the name of your link, and if Google sees that your title tag includes your keywords – your site ranking gets a boost.


Don’t Use a Meta Keywords Tag

Avoid taking advantage of the meta keywords tag. This feature is an outdated option, and doesn’t have an impact on your Shopify SEO or rankings. Also, competitors are able to view your Meta Keywords Tag, and can then try and compete for your specific keywords.


Hand-Craft a Meta Description Tag

Meta description tag is a hand-crafted description of your ecommerce store. While it doesn’t help your ranking, but it does have a powerful effect on your click through rate during organic search results. If your Meta description tag says something compelling, it increases your results.


Write Image Alt Text

Write descriptions for all the photos on your site, and include your keywords. Search engines can’t read images, but they can read text. By describing your images, you’re helping search engines discover your content, and also measure your content’s relevancy.


Engage in Link Building

When high authority and relevant pages link through to your site – it increases your search rankings. Have vendors, partners, customers, bloggers, and industry associations link back to your site, and see your search results improve dramatically.


Building Strong SEO for Your Shopify Store

By investing even a little time and energy in your Shopify SEO, you’ll see more buyers discovering your store, clicking through to your site, and purchasing your products. Need a hand optimizing your Shopify store? Our expert professionals have years of experience fine-tuning Shopify SEO, and boosting Shopify store search results. Give us a call at 609-675-0912, or visit us online to get your search results to the next level.

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