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Have you been getting ready to launch your Shopify store? Wondering the best way to launch, so you can start immediately making a profit?

You’re not alone. Many business owners feel overwhelmed at the prospect of launching a Shopify store, only to make costly mistakes in the process.

Of course, launching a Shopify store is more than just designing a great Shopify theme or getting professional photos of your products – although those are important steps too.

Succeeding on Shopify means creating a powerful strategy that launches your Shopify store – and your product – effectively.

And, you don’t have to be a big shot company to have a great launch, “there are a number of strategies virtually any company can employ to make their own product launch a huge success,” says Kissmetrics.

Let’s take a look at some proven ways you can maximize your Shopify theme, and launch your Shopify store so that it’s an immediate success.


6 Steps for a Successful Shopify Store Launch

Many new businesses rush headfirst into buying a Shopify theme, without thinking their plan through in the long-term. In fact, “the majority of online stores fold because they’re unable to drive traffic,” says an article on Shopify.

The good news? By following a few simple steps, you can avoid common pitfalls, and unlock your Shopify theme potential.


Get Started Early

Launching your Shopify Store doesn’t just happen the day you design your Shopify theme. It happens months – if not a year or more – in advance. Set a launch date for your Shopify store far enough in the future that you can build your audience, market your brand, and create hype around your new Shopify store. This way, you’ll have dedicated fans already excited to buy your products when you launch.


Secure Your Audience

Before you launch your Shopify Store, build an enthusiastic audience around your brand. Start talking about your new brand at every opportunity you get. Chat it up at dinner parties, professional conferences, and business meetings; invite influential friends and colleagues out to coffee to ask advice; talk about it on Facebook, and get everyone you respect together for a big launch party. By gathering an audience of personally-connected fans ahead of time, your launch will have real momentum.


Build Your List

While you’re talking to friends and colleagues about your new Shopify store, compile an email list of people that you know are excited about your brand. This will be your core list, the foundation from which you build your brand, influence your buyers, and create hype around your products. This list is vital to the success of your Shopify store launch.


Day-to-Day Marketing

In the months leading up to your Shopify store launch, engage in regular, day-to-day online marketing. Sponsor small blogs that have a dedicated reader base, try paid advertising, experiment by split-testing your landing page messaging, get influencers excited about your brand, use referral marketing mechanics to tap into friend networks, and maximize your social media presence.


Create Hype

Use your list to generate energy and excitement around your Shopify store launch. Through your list, ask for your friends’ advice, offer special previews that no one else gets, and throw a big launch party. Most importantly, make your early adopters feel unique and valued. This way, when you launch, you’ll have tons of enthusiastic buyers eager for the big day.


Ready, Get Set… Go!

Now’s the time to start planning for your Shopify store launch. First, sit down and build your strategy one step at a time.

Remember, whether you have a huge business or you’re just getting started, having a dedicated Shopify store launch strategy ahead of time will maximize your potential for success.

Need a hand building your Shopify store launch strategy? Check out our Shopify designs and strategies, and give our friendly branding experts a call at 609-675-0912.



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