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As of the first quarter of 2018, eBay’s total active buyers add up to an astounding 171 million. To stand out in that kind of competitive marketplace, you need a great eBay store design and product listing template.

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How do you tell great eBay templates from ineffective ones? There are several criteria you should look for.

Let’s take a look at 4 must-have features of an effective eBay store design and product listing template.


Mobile Responsive Design

In 2015, mobile eCommerce spending reached 10 billion US dollars in the United States alone. In the fourth quarter of 2017, 24% of all digital e-commerce dollars were spent via mobile device. And not only that, but 55% of all eBay transactions are either entirely or partially completed using a mobile device.

With so many eager buyers using mobile devices to make their eCommerce purchases, it’s essential that your eBay store designs and product listing template designs are mobile responsive. After all, your products need to look amazing, whether they’re viewed on a tablet or a smartphone.


Bulk Edits & Changes

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of eBay listings? That means you will benefit from the ability to make bulk edits to all your listings at once.

eBay constantly announces new updates and policy changes. If you have hundreds or thousands of eBay listings – but don’t have a way to make fast changes from a single place – you’ll have to painstakingly go through your listings – one by one. And that takes time that, as a business owner, you just can’t afford.

Luckily, eBay allows you the power to apply bulk changes to all your listings whether you have 5 or 5,000 – all with the click of a button. Before you go live, make sure your provider can support bulk changes to your listings.


SEO-Friendly eBay Templates

eBay Search Engine Optimization is a critical element of any successful eBay store design or product listing template. Using effective SEO means you will rank higher in searches conducted by buyers in your target audience.

The primary components that impact your search ranking are:

Keyword Incorporation: relevant keywords must be incorporated at a strategic percentage in your content and listing titles.

Filter Specific: All item specifics need to be filled in; including brand, international shipping, return policies, and item condition.

Make sure your eBay store design and your product listing template are search engine optimized, so your store shows up for the buyers who count.


Compliance with eBay Policies

eBay provides exciting potential for sellers, but the platform is also known for its frequent adjustments to policies and complicated updates to seller requirements. You can have a dynamite eBay template, but if it isn’t in compliance with eBay’s latest rules and regulations; you won’t have much luck on the platform.

This means that having experts by your side is essential. As an eBay seller, you should have a dedicated professional who can advocate for your store, assist you through changes, and ensure you’re always one step ahead of new regulations.


A Great eBay Design and Listing Template Will Unlock Your Success

You can offer the very best products at the very best prices, but without a killer eBay store design and product listing template – those products will go unnoticed.

Make sure your provider has real, measurable experience with eBay templates, and a proven track record of happy clients. This way, you can be sure to thrive – even when things get tough.

Looking for more guidance with your eBay store design and product listing template? Give the team at OCDesignsOnline a call at 609-675-0912.



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