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The most important part of your eBay Store Design is to have a matching listing template for your products. Having one or the other is not enough when it comes to establishing your personal brand. Especially when you think about the customer flow. Do you want to sell 35% more on eBay than non-bundled customers? Find out how below.

eBay store design

How do customers come to your store?

Typically, a prospective customer will come to eBay because they have a specific need. So, they’ll search for the product that meets that need. With eBay’s Casini search engine, they find a product at your store. Congratulations! You’ve got a hit. But what happens next?

They might see if you have other similar products, might add it straight to the cart, they could look in the description for more information. In all of those scenarios, they are going to see your listing description. What are they going to think about it? Is your store sharing the story and image you want in your listing? 

eBay listing description template

What happens when they get to your store page?

If the customer engages enough with you in your listing page they will likely go to your store page. It’s vital that they don’t then disconnect with your brand and drop off before finishing their transaction. Your store page has to show who your brand is, it has to identify with your prospective customers, and share the values they can gain from having a relationship with your brand.

Things that customers need to be able to know from your store eBay page are your shipping policy, return policy, how to contact you if they have questions and the other categories of products you represent. 

The two things you need

Given the two above scenarios, what a brand on eBay needs is both an eBay store design and listing template that matches your brand story. Your listing description needs to match your main store page. It needs to create a symbiotic relationship that plays off each other. This professional brand package helps you sell 35% more than stores that don’t bundle. 

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And you can make that happen with OCDesignsonline. We have created over 10,000 online ecommerce stores, many of those being eBay. We specialize in eBay designs. In fact, Microsoft even has trusted us with the creation of their own eBay design. Request a quote now to get started on the eBay store that helps you sell more, while also defining your brand for your audience.

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