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OCDesignsonline has worked with many different electronic’s companies on eBay the past few years, but this design is one of the projects that just stands out. Take a look below at Lion’s Garage and the design that is helping them outsell their expectations.

We used angles to help draw the eye (and sales)

First things first, the lion. Since this store’s name features an animal we knew we had to focus on the design of this animal first. For the logo, we utilized the colors of a lion and traditional safari tones to add his head in an angular garage silhouette. From there, we had some ideas about the eBay store design as a whole.

eBay templates for electronics stores


Playing with the angle of the garage, we added those triangles in multiple areas of the design. This helps draw the eye where we want it to go. For example, the triangle beneath the “Free Shipping” store policy points downwards towards the sales section. This helps encourage more clicks, browsing, and in turn, more sales. The lion photo we chose for this welcome image is also a little angular in his mane, helping further match the design.

Take a look around the store, you’ll see how these triangle shapes help bring in more exploration.

Featured Product widgets help sell more stock

One of our favorite widgets to add to eBay designs is the “Featured Products” section. This area helps our client’s customers see at a glance what kinds of products this store sells and what their general prices are. Items in these sections typically sell faster so we encourage our clients to utilize this area strategically.

With years of experience, OCDesignsonline is here to help your eBay store outperform your expectations.

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