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Beauty stores have a great eBay store presence, we are always excited to add more beauty clients to our design portfolio.

Today we are sharing with you all the simple and effective design the OCDesignsonline team created for Amare Beauty Supply, a beauty seller specializing in high end nail polish brands like Essie, OPI, and Zoya.

Other beauty store designs:

We created a color palette of purple, white, and periwinkle blue help create a lot of white space for our client — which is softer on the eye and helps products stand out more.

Beauty ebay store designs from OCDesignsonline

Using a combination of featured categories and featured products, we help them sell more by encouraging more clicks. Something as simple as showing potential customers what our client has to offer at a glance can encourage more sales.

Beneath the welcome image of a hand model, which also helps set expectations for customers, we have a few custom banners to show some of the store policies like 24 hours shipping. This helps customers feel more assured in their shopping decisions, making them more loyal and willing to come back and buy more.

The custom listing template we also created for our client features all of the elements from their this store, so potential clientele can find more items to add to their cart without actually going to the main store area. This makes it easier for customers to impulse buy while also showing them that this seller is not just a hobby seller, through the look of their professional design.

Custom listing templates from OCDesignsonline

If you want your store to sell more, you need a design team that knows what works and what doesn’t depending on your eBay business sector. We won’t waste your time or your money, we’ll just create for you a store that works the best it can.

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