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Elegance isn’t a look, it’s how something or someone makes you feel. Here at OCDesignsonline we pride ourselves in being able to not only understand the ever present “bottom line” but more importantly, how a design should make you feel.

Today we are sharing the eBay storefront we created for Splendid Pearls, a luxury pearl themed jewelry store.

The color palette of a store makes a significant difference

Instead of a black and white design, like the sophisticated design we created for Salon Mega Mall, we went for a more muted grey to create more of a serene elegance for Splendid Pearls. For this client we wanted to bring almost a calm mystery because of the connotations a woman decked out in pearls can create.

Elegant eBay store design from OCDesignsonline

The woman we featured in the welcome image has these beautiful light eyes that we edited to be more grey to also add to the feel of this store.

Daily deals and featured products show product offerings at a glance

When a potential customer sees our client’s store, they can get the feel of the store quickly by seeing these featured products and on sale items. A featured products section is a great place for stores to emphasize seasonal items, on sale products, or even high selling merchandise that customers are likely to be excited about and purchase on the spot.

Custom listing pages bring in loyal customers

Buying jewelry online is a common occurrence for many people so it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of other stores. By having a custom eBay listing template our client is bringing themselves closer to what a return customer would want to find because our client is setting themselves out to be a trusted professional seller, rather than a hobby eBay user trying to get rid of some jewelry they no longer want.

Custom listing templates from OCDesignsonline

Having a template to match the storefront also encourages potential customers to browse more, which brings in a larger than average cart size.

It’s all about putting your best foot out there. If you have an eBay store and you want to stand out more versus other stores in your industry — you need to start with a custom storefront, category, and listing template from OCDesignsonline.

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