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Often when kicking a bad habit it’s easy to focus of the negative side effects. Today you can’t pick up a packet of cigarettes without a label warning you of deadly side effects. AVIR Cigs are high performance electronic cigarettes that cut the toxins while keeping control of the amount of nicotine intake. There’s no carbon monoxide, no offensive odors and no second-hand smoke. This also means no scowls or glares from others when smoking in public. Overall, it’s a cleaner way to quit smoking and start vaping. AVIR Cigs has teamed up with OC Designs Online for a clean-cut appearance and easy shopping model. Explore flavors and how easy it is to switch from cigarettes to AVIR Cigs through their new polished storefront!



The header of this BigCommerce store design keeps brand identity strong with a solid logo in the top left hand corner of the storefront. The blue and green colors along with a classic white background make every word pop from the page. Below the store logo is a panel that stretches across the store. This panel allows online shoppers to become more familiar with the brand and introduce new customers to vaping with AVIR. A 20% off discount is offered to first time customers and is shown in a larger font to gain interest and curiosity by newcomers. The impression is lasting and invites online shoppers to browse the store inventory!


The midsection of this BigCommerce store design keeps products in the spotlight with a Featured Products section. Each flavor of e-liquid is accompanied with a high resolution, easy to enlarge picture describing the flavor. Each tab displays the price and can simply be clicked on to add the item to the online shopping cart. The green shopping cart tab allows the customer to choose the size and volume with every purchase! Browsing flavors and kicking cigarette breath are made easy now at AVIR Cigs.


The store footer is precise and simple. The lower panel introduces shoppers to sign-up for the store newsletter allowing them first access to store discounts and specials. This feature also reminds customers to return back to the shop for more. Along with the store newsletter the customer services and company information tabs offer up more information to shoppers to help them with any existing questions. Every customer can leave the shop satisfied and fully informed about their AVIR Cigs purchase!

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