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Rhythm and music are among the few universal languages gifted to us on day one. As a baby most mothers and caretakers sing their infants to sleep, rocking back and forth in lullaby. And as a child we celebrate Birthdays in large parties with cake and gifts, ending the day in song. The Masterworks Choir of New Jersey is dedicated to keeping the joy of music alive within the Garden State. The choir, based out of Southeastern New Jersey, has teamed up with OC Designs Online for a jovial new look to their site.


The welcome pane instantly greets onlookers with a large photo of the choir on the right hand side.  The team dressed up in all black attire for a classic, uniform appearance much like the new website! Resting in the top left hand side of the welcome pane is the stylish Masterworks Choir logo. Beneath it one can read, “Celebrating Over 40 Years of Musical Excellence.” Esther Weil founded the organization in the 1970s. The logo and headline together are tribute to her and instantly gain credibility and emphasize tradition with those who enjoy the gift of music.

Surrounding the group picture are greetings from the Ocean City choir. Onlookers see that it’s a non-profit organization driven with passion and love for singing. “Come… Share it with us” is written in a golden, elegant font inviting those intrigued by the choir to read further and become better acquainted with the group. Those musically inclined and interested in the choir can look to the top right hand corner of the screen for the Masterworks Choir email address and YouTube account. By clicking the email address one can inquire further and ask the organization any questions on their mind!


The midsection of the website keeps the welcome flowing and introduces the onlooker to a tab to better familiarize themselves with the choir. Due to the choir being a non-profit they rely heavily on donations from loyal patrons. Contributions of any size can be made by selecting the “Donate” link. Events such as their annual concerts and recitals can be located by clicking the “Events” link. Topics and galleries line this tab making accessing every part of the website a cinch!

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