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“Traffic” is a word most city dwellers will cringe at in mid-conversation. Flashbacks minutes before of holding your right foot on the break, listening to the same advertisement on your favorite radio station play for the 59th time and rolling your eyes at the person to the right of you who is forcefully edging their way in front without any courtesy wave for their advancement. It can be a teeth clenching experience that most everyone has endured in their lifetime after acquiring a driver’s license. However, traffic is something John Craddock and his Land Rovers are thrilled about after teaming up with OC Designs Online. Traffic on the John Craddock UK eBay shop is on the rise after a new luxurious customized storefront graced the e-commerce store.


There’s over 250,000 eBay templates to choose from and this storefront takes online shoppers on a scenic drive. The backdrop of a Land Rover driving through the gorgeous countryside greets customers at first glance. The store logo is held in the top left hand corner with “Craddock” in a bold font to emphasize brand image. The shop doesn’t hide from their top quality customer support and placed a service line along with business hours at the top of this eBay store design. To the right of the customer support number online shoppers can see all forms of payment accepted through the shop including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

A green panel lines the top of the site introducing the customer to tabs that further explain the store and their policies. To keep matters simple this eBay shop design has placed a search tab within the green panel to allow customers to search inventory quickly and efficiently.


The welcome pane with this eBay shop design spotlights John Craddock’s guarantee and mission to customers. The left hand and right hand panels enable customer’s to stay active within the shop. The tab on the left allows shoppers to “Search by Vehicle” where they can select the vehicle and engine model with a drop down menu. The tab makes finding desired items easy and convenient! Furthermore, the tab on the right hand side prompts customers to sign up for the shop newsletter.  This allows customers to stay informed, actively engaged with the shop and reminded that John Craddock is the answer when it comes to their Land Rover.


The footer of this eBay shop design spotlights the shop’s products by category. Each tab in the set of 15 holds a picture describing the category along with a green panel to highlight the options. Whether it be a set of lights or a steering wheel this section guides customers exactly to the luxury items they most desire.

Team up with OC Designs Online for an eBay shop design that meets your needs as well as the needs of your drivers. Take some time to browse our portfolio of luxury store designs, and then request a free quote.

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