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Oliver Evans, an American inventor, designed the first refrigeration machine in 1805. Before there was a cool box to keep our meats and veggies warm people cooled their food with snow and ice. Popsicles were a thing of the future and chilled mugs for an after work beverage were unheard of at the time. However, today we have access to refrigerators of all shapes and sizes and with varying temperatures to help keep things fresh. Fridge Plus specializes in keeping things cool and just added a new element of cool to their e-commerce eBay shop! The store has teamed up with the graphic designers at OC Designs Online for a customized look to their online store. Sit back, relax and chill while OC Designs Online revamps your eBay storefront.

Graphics and Display eBay Store Design

This eBay template was custom built for Fridge Plus.  The layout of the store is in the shape of a refrigerator and it keeps searching for the perfect item as easy as reaching in your own for a gallon of milk! The welcome pane of the eBay Store Design has a stainless steel, silver backdrop. The store logo is placed in the top left hand corner neighboring multiple tabs that introduce online shoppers to the store. Tabs include information on payment options, customer service and being a trusted eBay seller.  The tab highlighted in blue directs customers to a live chat where customer service is easy and quick. There’s no waiting for an email days later with Fridge Plus!

Maximize Listings with Custom eBay Store Design

The midsection to this eBay Shop Design highlights the main categories to the store. A black and white panel across the top enable customers to click on the section of their choice, whether it be appliances or housewares. Tabs with a blue backdrop allow customers to get straight to the point by either searching for the product of their choice or browsing the inventory immediately with the “Start Shopping” button. From home to commercial refrigeration, Fridge Plus has it all!

Custom eBay Store Footer


Fridge Plus carries an array of items that go beyond turning water into ice. The store stocks items from cookware to floor care. The digital store aisles with this eBay Store Design are showcased with 12 different tabs all having a title accompanied by a photograph. Getting directly to what you want has never been easier.

There are many eBay Shop Design options, but if you want a layout that keeps things cool, consider OC Designs Online.

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