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It was in 1879 that Thomas Edison patented the light bulb. From that moment on a new level of comfort would be discovered around the globe. Candles are now used for a light, delightful aroma around the house and used in emergency situations.

Fine lighting is an art. Stage directors depend on lighting to set the perfect mood for the opera and a ballet dancer finds a circle chasing her across the dance floor only to assist in showcasing the splendor of her leaps. A welcome mat is a fine greeting at the door front however a chandelier in the foyer is a welcome rarely forgotten. Carlson Galleries will be remembered after pairing up with the graphic design experts at OC Designs Online. The fine lighting e-commerce shop has a new Volusion and eBay storefront that has kept customers beaming with joy.

Graphics and Display eBay Store DesignThe welcome pane of this eBay store design sets the mood for an elegant, classy time. Carlson Galleries is displayed in a thin, classic font keeping the tone simple and sleek for online shoppers. Neighboring the store name are a variety of payments accepted by the fine lighting e-commerce store. There’s a variety of eBay templates and many encompass a panel stretching across the top of the storefront. The charcoal grey panel introduces customers to more information about the shop, policies and top quality customer service.

Graphics and Display Volusion Store DesignThe same grey panel can be found in the welcome pane of the Volusion store design. Both templates have placed a search tab at the end of each panel. The search tab enables customers to find inventory with ease if they have an idea of what they’re looking for in fine lighting. Much like the eBay shop design above, this Volusion welcome pane displays forms of payment accepted. However, the Volusion design has a Facebook and Pinterest tab in the center of the welcome pane so that online shoppers can easily stay connect with the store!

Maximize Listings with Custom eBay Store DesignTo lighten up the workload of finding the perfect light fixture this eBay store design places store categories in the midsection of the shop. Each tab provides customers with a picture to sum up the category, a category title and an option to view products within the store category. Beneath the store categories are three tabs in a simple grey font. The purpose is to remind customers that the shop specializes in restored vintage lighting and that it’s easily shipped to your doorstep!

Showcase Listings with Custom Volusion Store Design

The Volusion midsection is quite similar to the eBay template as it focuses on store categories. Chandeliers, sconces and lanterns are only a click away. The midsection also displays a large picture of a jet lifting from the runway to remind shoppers that international shipping is an option on most products! From Bali to Brussels, Carlson Galleries may just add some light to your everyday life!

Custom eBay Store Footer

The footer of this eBay shop design simplifies finding great deals and good steals at Carlson Galleries. A “Buy It Now” tab is placed within the featured tabs making checkout one step away. The two tabs neighboring the featured tabs on the left hand side are simple reminders of international shipping much like those found in the Volusion template. OC Designs customizes the storefronts to meet the shops needs but with variety and an assortment of options!

New Custom Volusion Store Footer

Placing popular items and store inventory on the main screen sounds like a bright idea! This Volusion footer does just that which is very similar to the eBay store. The “Buy It Now” button is replaced with an “Add To Cart” tab still keeping easy access to checking out a top priority for the shop!

Want to see some examples of custom designed online stores beyond the ones you see here? Come browse our ever-growing portfolio and compare your current shop to our current retailers. We fully anticipate you’ll see a clear need for our custom designed Volusion and eBay storefront.

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