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We’ve come a long way since our ancestors who had to hunt and fish for their livelihood. Now we primarily engage in both as a sport or hobby. And yet, for many outdoors men these activities remain an important part of their peace of mind- a release from the stressors of one’s job, traffic, bills, etc.

But as with all hobbies, you have to put in a bit of money in order to participate. As such, many bargain hunters keep a keen eye out for deals that allow them to indulge in their favorite pastimes. Now, thanks to a collaboration with OC Designs Online, quality gear can be found on Shop Fishing and Hunting‘s custom eBay Store Design.

fh1A rugged background complete with a colorful striper and large mouth bass set the tone of the storefront. Sandwiched in between the two lake dwellers is a custom search bar where shoppers can easily seek out specific products or brands by typing in key words or phrases.

Below, the main navigation bar displays six tabs with links to all listings, the company back story, shipping policies, customer feedback, and additional contact info.

Store categories in the left sidebar are organized by rods, reels, lures and more, making it easy for shoppers to take their time perusing their options without feeling overwhelmed.

fh2In midsection, the eBay Shop Design continues with a scrolling list of brand name items and highly recognizable logos for top companies like Ford, Mossy Oak, and Nascar.

Next, the store’s top six categories sit in a 2 X 3 panel with options for fishing clothing, lures and teasers, hunting clothing and accessories, reels and rods, military apparel along with tackle and accessories.

fh3A bit further down the page, four featured products, each underscored with a hi-res image, take up prime space, offering shoppers additional savings on specialty items and seasonal finds.

As is standard with our custom eBay Templates, an invitation to join the store newsletter closes out the left sidebar and allows for email marketing long after the sale has been completed.

Finally, a simple, clean custom footer rounds off the storefront, linking shoppers to company essentials as detailed above in the shop’s header.

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