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Who among us hasn’t stared longingly at a designer item at some point in our lives and uttered softly, “someday” or “if only”. While some couture items may remain permanently out of reach, others can actually become exceptionally reasonable when shopping with the right retailer. What if we told you that top designers such as Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden and Calvin Klein were within reach? has made discount fashion their top priority. Now, they are ramping up for a killer season thanks to a custom Facebook page courtesy of OC Designs Online. After all, it’s hard to make the sale if folks don’t know where to find you. Shoppers looking for a steal are in luck and with the aid of Facebook, the world’s largest social media site, leading them directly to a slew of high-quality designer wares.


The cleverly designed logo lets shoppers know they’re in the right place while the clean, simple design of the page makes it easy to browse. Items are organized in two ways: first by category, then by brand.

For a wider viewing selection, shoppers need only decide if they’re in the market for women’s, men’s, boy’s or girl’s clothing, watches, luggage, or closeouts.

A three column list of popular brands sits under a clever inclusion of the store logo and includes a throng of designers. Everyone from Mark Namier to Tommy Bahama to Anne Klein get ample space. To view all brands, customers need only click the powder blue button directly right of this list.


In the midsection, crisp, hi-res images reflect the store categories as noted above in the main navigation bar, offering shoppers two ways to complete their browsing and subsequent purchases.

The whole time, Clothes Out Kings’ logo sits in the top left corner solidifying brand recognition among all those who visit the shop’s Facebook page.


Continuing below, watches and an ‘everything else’ category take the form of compelling wide-angle shots.

As a reminder to customers, our designers crafted simple, yet informative graphics in the store footer making sure shoppers are aware of their free shipping options, hassle free returns promise, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, maximum 2 hour email response, and 30 day warranty.

Are you looking for an online portal that’s not only highly customizable, but will allow you to connect with customers where they spend a large majority of their time? At OC Designs Online we are leaders in easy-to-use Facebook Page Designs that let you spread your message and increase sales by leveraging social media platforms.

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