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People like convenience. Especially when it comes to their online bargain hunting. If making a one-stop shop is your top priority, Price Attack has got you covered! But when your ecommerce store is known for selling a multitude of products under one ‘roof’, a well organized design is essential. After all, how can you expect customers to become buyers if they can’t find their way around?

That’s why the Price Attack team went with the experts at OC Designs Online to update their eBay Store Design. Now, they’re reeling in traffic like never before and selling their wares like hot cakes!


A blue, yellow and red pallet of primary colors give a lighthearted feel to this professional eBay Shop Design. A main navigation menu with links to contact information, return policies, technical support and frequently asked questions follow to the right of the logo, while a search bar rests below allowing customers to shop by entering keywords or phrases into the field.

The left sidebar earns its keep by sporting a daily deal feature, complete with a brief description, discounted price and a timer counting backwards to the deal’s expiration. This encourages buyers to act quick once they see how much they can save.

Under the site’s welcome message, a scrolling list of logos alerts shoppers to the quality brands housed within the inventory stock.


Next, images underscore three overarching categories including IT equipment and parts, home audio and video equipment and video game consoles. These store categories are expounded upon in the left sidebar where dozens more appear in a vertical list.

Reminders of the store’s free shipping offer, promise of hassle free returns and international shipping options break up the midsection. The eBay template continues with a four panel of featured products. After reading the descriptions, shoppers are encouraged to “buy now” to save big on select items.


Finally, this classic and highly organized eBay Store Design invites shoppers to sign up for the store newsletter and receive occasional emails detailing new items or special promotions. In the custom footer, a mini sitemap links back to key company information and proudly displays the Price Attack logo.

OC Designs Online enjoys the challenge of piecing together eBay shop designs with a big presence and even larger inventory.

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