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How many electronic devices does your household have? We’re guessing several, and that number increases exponentially depending on the number of people in your family. Luckily, HJ Power specializes in selling high quality accessories for all the latest technology products, all at deeply discounted rates.

However, without the bridge of a custom eBay Store Design courtesy of OC Designs Online, their thousands of satisfied customers may have ended up paying too much…or worse, with cracked screens! Check out the final product after the jump:


The whole eBay Shop Design is brilliantly housed within the walls of a digitally created iPhone. A custom logo leads the charge, while a well-placed search bar occupies the space where the receiver usually resides. Here, customers  are able to cull their search by flagging keywords or phrases.

Below, a red navigation bar offers shoppers access to tabs leading to all listings, company information, feedback, and frequently asked questions.

In the left sidebar store categories including cell phone accessories link to a complete list of inventory stock, while an invitation to sign up for the company newsletter locks in repeat business by altering shoppers anytime there’s a sale.


Next, a swath of twelve brands makes it easy for customers to find their device at a glance.

Back to the left, graphics alert buyers to the store’s free shipping policy, their US seller designation, 100% satisfaction guarantee, 24-hour shipping promise and unsurpassed warranty options.


Near the bottom of the eBay Template, three featured products give shoppers the chance to purchase specially priced cases for under market value.

Finally, just above the digital phone’s power button, a custom footer closes out the storefront. This feature comes standard with our highly sought after eBay Store Designs, and is a great opportunity to connect with your audience one last time before they sign off. Here, we’ve included key company information matching that in the header, offering shoppers easy access to store polices and company contact info.

Want your eBay storefront to stand out? Of course you do! It’s the only way to rise above your competition and reel in sales. Don’t let one more opportunity slip by. Browse our ever-growing portfolio of eBay Shop Designs, then contact us now for your free quote and start selling even more on eBay!

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