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When you trace back the origins of the word “Pandora”, it’s easy to see why it conveys such a pronounced, yet ineffable feeling. According to this Wikipedia article, Greek words derived from πᾶν or pān, meaning “all” and δῶρον or dōron, i.e. “gift”, literally translate to “the all-gifted” or “the all-giving”. It’s no wonder then, an online store such as Pandoras OEM would choose such a name to represent their vast appliance selection.

To help them do what they do best- sell- Pandoras called on the experts at OC Designs online to craft them a custom eBay Store Design to unleash the pandora’s box of sales.

Graphics and Display eBay Store Design

A vibrant red and yellow color scheme suggests this will be a high energy shopping experience. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on convenience or organization. In the top welcome bar a live chat option invites customers to interact with a real person for any questions that come up. Alternately, they can elect to access the custom search bar by entering keywords, phrases or products to cull their options.

Below the main navigation pane, a grey infographic displays the eBay Shop’s many reasons to shop with Pandoras. Between the free shipping, warranties lasting  a full year, and a 60 day money back guarantee the company offers a unique blend of services.

Next, the ‘search by model’ drop downs allow shoppers to select from models and types to drill down to their desired product(s) while a list comprised of dozens of store categories offers customers a chance to browse before making their selections.

eBay custom category page

For those who prefer a more visual shopping experience, store categories are repeated in the midsection, complete with sample images and ‘view all’ tabs in the bottom right hand coroner.

Maximize Listings for eBay Store

Nearing the bottom of the storefront, a 4 X 2 panel of ‘featured products’ fills the remaining white space in this custom eBay Template.

Closing out the left sidebar is an invitation for interested shoppers to sign up for the newsletter and stay abreast of new items and special promotions.

Finally, a custom footer directs shoppers to a mini sitemap with important company information and repeats the logo for brand recognition.

If you desire an eBay shop design that combines quality and creativity, consider OC Designs Online. We invite you to browse our portfolio of imaginative designs and request a free quote to learn more.

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