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As a real estate professional, there is perhaps no wiser investment than a personalized website. Not only does it act as a platform by which you can showcase your personality and unique flare, it is also the perfect medium to showcase listings!

Though it’s only January, folks are already daydreaming of warmer weather. Why not take a page from Ocean City Real Estate‘s book and let OC Designs Online spruce up your current website before spring fever hits?

Check out this custom one-page web design our experts crafted for this New Jersey real estate guru!

Custom one-page web design

Since 2002 real estate professional Billy Godfrey has specialized in Ocean City, NJ home sales and rentals. As a lifetime community member he, arguably more than anyone, knows his market inside and out.

The header includes an array of helpful widgits including a weather app, calendar of events, and social media link. Traditional contact information sits directly right along with Marr Agency branding and a corner banner encouraging shoppers to get in touch for the best monthly deals.

In the red navigation bar below, important company information including listings and testimonials rest atop a hi-res image of a picture perfect beach home. In the right quadrant of the photo links to sales listings, vacation rentals, information about Ocean City, reasons to purchase with Billy and a complete photo gallery invite soon to be home owners or renters to peruse all their available options.

Custom one-page web design

Next, three colorful graphics make it easy to select from summer rentals, properties for sale and more information about the realtor.

The site’s midsection offers a personal greeting from Billy, and launches into a sales search function complete with drop down menus where the buyer can enter specifics like property type, number of bedroom/bathrooms and a price point. Not only does this give your client a sense of control, it ensures they aren’t met with a bunch of listings which are out of their price range!

Custom one-page web design

Finally, a custom footer repeats helpful links on the main navigation bar and again invites customers to follow Ocean City Real Estate on Facebook.

Think a one-page web design is right for your brand? Get a free quote from OC Designs Online now and we’ll happy answer all of your questions about these custom one-page sites. Make your online listings shine brighter than ever before.

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