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Quartz, Coral, Turquoise, Citrine, Onyx. These and other gemstones are the foundation of some of the most lasting, luxurious and personal pieces of art a person can own: jewelry. Hand-picked from around the globe and handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, the jewelry collections offered by New York-based Ferraro Designs, are some of the best in the world.

After solidifying themselves as a trusted jewelry source for the past 30 years, Ferraro has decided to offer their unsurpassed creations to the rest of the world with a custom eBay store design courtesy of OC Designs Online.


Below the custom search bar and grey navigation panel, a colorful, hi-res welcome image houses the tagline, “Jewelry in your imagination, Ferraro Design is your destination”. Directly left, a sidebar offers customers options to browse for a particular gemstone by selecting from the convenient drop down menu, or by choosing from a list of store categories.

By inviting shoppers to sign up to receive newsletters about new items or special promotions, Ferraro is able to keep a direct line of communication with its most loyal buyers.


Next, the eBay shop design offers additional store categories which invite browsers to follow links to complete collections of pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, sets, and loose gemstones. The section is capped with graphics promoting auctions starting at $0.99, free gift boxes available with every order and a satisfaction guaranteed stamp of approval.

Drifting back to the left sidebar, an invitation to follow the company on Facebook leads to a string of unique company offerings including a list of premium items, designation as an American company, and free shipment within the US on its way to you in 24 hours.


The midsection of this custom eBay template boasts a section of eight specially priced pendants and earrings, designed to pique the interest of passersby.

The left sidebar wraps with a list of delivery providers such as USPS and FedEx as well as payment options including PayPal and Visa, further fostering a since of trust among shoppers who can be generally leery about providing their personal information online.

There are many eBay store design options, but if you want a layout that is anything but vanilla, consider OC Designs Online. We invite you to browse our expanding portfolio of stunning designs and request a free quote to learn more.

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