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Think back to your favorite childhood birthday. Who was there? What kinds of games did you play? It’s almost guaranteed that many among us have been to at least one party in which a Bounce House was present. Both children and adults alike squeal with delight in these giant inflatable fun houses.

That’s why Bouncing Palace sought to expand their reach by commissioning a custom web design courtesy of OC Designs Online. Now it’s easy to book a Bounce House for your next party, regardless of what age you’ll turn!

Graphics and Display Custom Web Design

A jovial backdrop of highly pigmented color splashes sets the mood for the landing page. A clever invitation for customers to stay connected via social media channels is prefaced with “love is sharing” and sits along side various plug ins for facebook, google +, twitter, linkedin and pinterest.

To the right, it’s a cinch for shoppers to view items in their cart or search for specific products by entering keywords or phrases into the search bar. In the main navigation pane customers are free to browse testimonials, gallery images, their personal accounts, company information and more.

Next a simple black and white question encourages shoppers to reflect on how much they love bouncing and offers up a means to check out all available merchandise by clicking anywhere on the link.

Custom web design category page

In the left sidebar a scrolling customer testimonial features feedback from a multitude of highly satisfied customers who include members of the US Chamber of Commerce! Below a quick contact feature allows interested parties to gain almost immediate answers to their questions, with a guaranteed response in less than 24 hours.

The website’s midsection is comprised of a 3 X 2 spread of hi-res bounce options, slides and playlands. Each has a different theme and comes complete with a price affixed to the bottom so shoppers can quickly identify which are in their range.

Near the bottom right corner a ‘back to top’ button follows shoppers as they scroll, allowing them to easily work their way back up the site with the convenient click of a button.

Custom Web Design Footer

Finally, a custom footer sports ‘utilities’ including FAQ’s and an about page, while contact information such as the physical location, phone and email ensure staying in touch is always an option.

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