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Although elusive, time is often described as “a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future”. We live our entire lives by it, and try as we might, are ensnared by its totality.

Fortunately, to help their customers arrive on time, always fashionable but never late, Precision Time enlisted the expertise of OC Designs Online to customize a dazzling eBay Store Design for their high end watches.


Under the thoughtful Precision Time logo, there sits a custom search bar where shoppers can elect to enter key words, phrases or brands to narrow and single out specifics.

A tasteful free shipping and money back guarantee graphic ensure customers feel at liberty to shop without restraint, while drop down category menus offer men’s, women’s and sale’s inventory along with brands, bands and batteries.

Next, a rotating welcome panel serves as a highly effective marketing feature by giving shoppers a peek into four of the most popular brands.


Before launching into the store’s prominently featured new arrivals, this eBay Shop Design utilizes a red header to ensure customers don’t pass up the specially priced deal of the day. With a clock counting down to the deal’s expiry, those interested are encouraged to act quickly so as not to miss the steal.


In the midsection, a row of four ‘best sellers’ entice customers to consider a few select, fashion forward trends emerging in time pieces. Each satisfies the who, what, and how much and beckons with a conveniently placed “buy now” button in the bottom right corner.


However, for those who prefer to cut to the chase and read all the fine print before making their selections, our custom eBay Template won’t leave you out in the cold.

A vertical listing of store pages take up residence in the left sidebar and include important information regarding warranties, contact, payments, exchanges, shipping and privacy policies.

Rounding out the section is an invitation for shoppers to stay connected and informed of deals and discounts by opting to sign up for the company newsletter.


Finally, this custom eBay Store Design displays the logos of the site’s most recognized brands in a fast moving crawler stationed below. For the shopper who experiences brand loyalty and wishes to proudly wear it on their person will surely appreciate this diversity in designer labels.

Let OC Designs Online show you what a carefully crafted  eBay Shop Design can do to boost your site traffic! We are experts in the template designs guaranteed to grow your online business and we invite you to browse our ever-growing portfolio.

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