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On your morning commute to work you may take for granted all the hundreds of parts it takes to keep your car moving. However, the folks at Omega Auto Store make it their highest priority.

However, even if the average person isn’t heavily involved in mechanics, they likely still have a very vested interest in assuring any necessary replacement part is of the highest quality so as only to render itself necessary once.

To help navigate this often foreign world of auto mechanics, OC Designs Online was commissioned to create a custom eBay Store Design capable of assisting anyone in need of quality parts.


Upon entry we learn of the site’s promise that when better parts are built, “we sell them”.  For those who want to cut to the chase, a navigation bar offers the option to search titles and descriptions. This feature is especially handy for those who wish to narrow in on a specific item.

Below, in the standard panel housing company information, policies, FAQs, ways to contact and the like, we learn there is an 18 month warranty on items purchased on the site. However, it is a classic luxury automotive which beckons users to ‘start shopping’.

Before one can even think to ask, a list of four compelling facts fly off the page and answer the age old question, “why shop with us”.

Jumping over to the left sidebar, this custom eBay Shop Design is sensitive to the fact that for many people, this realm could be a foreign one. Which is why they take such care to carefully lay out store categories in such an organized manner.


A more general categorization can be found in the midsection, where a 4 X 2 panel is underscored with hi-res visuals depending on the type of vehicle you’re in the market to service.


In a similar vein, a section of ‘featured items’ can be a great way to draw attention to specially priced merchandise or in-demand parts. Of course, after the site’s launch owners have free range to change out these products based on their own internal goals and criteria.

With a mini sitemap rounding out the storefront, our eBay Template Design employs a custom footer to bring the shopping experience to a pleasant close.


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